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All the Myriad Fish

In the beginning, there were Darwin fish -- fish with feet who lived on car bumpers. Soon these evolved into forms suitable for other environments. Just click on the checkbox for fish you'd like. If your browser does not support forms, you can always send an order to us via e-mail: Please read our page on further ordering policies.


Darwin Fish, the original plaque with adhesive backing, $5.00
Darwin Fish pins, $5.00
Darwin Fish refrigerator magnets, $6.00
Darwin Fish flat mylar bumper stickers, $2.00

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

[September 2000: We have not been able to restock the following fish for quite some time. They are still listed for your reference.] But even these varieties were not enough to satisfy! We have many more varieties of mylar stickers ($2.50) and magnets ($4.50), all produced and designed by the multitalented Jay Sheckley from Dark Carnival. Think of it as evolution in action:
Beast Fish
Beast Fish Magnet
Bob Fish
Bob Fish Magnet
Cat Fish
Cthulhu Fish
Cthulhu Fish Magnet
Dog Fish
Evolve Fish
Evolve Fish Magnet
Gefilte Fish
Gefilte Fish Magnet
Java Fish
Java Fish Magnet
Pride Fish
Prozac Fish
Prozac Fish Magnet
Scream Fish
Think Fish
Trek Fish
Vampire Fish


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