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1998 by Mike Marano

Hey, everybody!! It's that time of the year. Here are my Stoker rec's so far. Please check out these cool '97 publications, if you get the chance. If there's anything out there I should know about, please zap me so I can take a look at it, and maybe rec it, too if I like it. Feel free to pass this along to anybody who might be interested.

A Shade of Pale by Greg Kihn (Tor, 9/97)
Rosemary's Son, by Ira Levin (Dutton, 10/97)
The Ignored, by Bently Little (Signet, '97)
My Soul to Keep, by Tananarive Due (Harper Collins, 7/97)
The Night Watch by Sean Stewart (Ace, 8/97)
An Exchange of Hostages, by Susan R. Matthews (Avon, 4/97)
Leavings, by P.D. Cacek (Starsend, '97)
Creature Features, the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Movie Guide, by John Stanley (Boulevard Books, 2/97)
"In His Daughter's Darking Womb" by Tina Jens, Singers of Strange Songs, ed S.D. Aniolowski (Chaosium, 8/97)
"Leavings" by P.D. Cacek, in Leavings (Starsend, '97)
"The Quality of Mercy," by Phoebe Reeves, The Outer Limits, Vol. 3, ed. D. Notkin (Prima Publishing, 5/97)
"Rat Food" by Edo van Belkom and David Nickle, On Spec, Spring '97
"Dust Motes" by P.D. Cacek in Gothic Ghosts ed Charles Grant and Wendy Webb (Tor, '97)
"A Plague on Both Your Houses" by Scott Edelman, Best New Horror 8, ed Jones (Carol and Graff, '97)
"Saints and Martyrs" by Nancy Etchemendy, in F&SF, July, '97
"Great White Light" by Greg Kihn, Hot Blood: Kiss and Tell, ed. Gelb (Pocket,'97)

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