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New Books received May 1995

Adams, Scott. Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy!. $8.95.
A Dilbert Book.
"A must for anyone who has ever dealt with corporate baloney."--Debbie
Alexander, Lloyd. The Arkadians. $15.99.
Wraparound jacket art by Trina Schart Hyman.
Allen, Roger MacBride. Allies and Aliens. $5.99.
Revised omnibus edition of Torch of Honor (1985) and Rogue Powers (1986).
"These two books started Allen's career off with a bang, and they are still great high adventure in space."--Debbie
Babson, Marian. Nine Lives to Murder. $4.99.
Feline fantasy mystery.
"Entertaining as a mystery, a cat story and a theatre story. A pleasant romp."--Jennifer
Barker, Clive. Everville. $6.99.
Reprint 1994 British hardcover.
Barker, Clive. Imajica Book I: The Fifth Dominion. $5.99.
Reprint half 1991 British hardcover. New introduction by Barker.
Barker, Clive. Imajica Book II: The Reconciliation. $5.99.
Reprint half 1991 British hardcover. Same new introduction by Barker.
"Kinda cheezy, to reprint something that worked just fine in one paperback volume as two volumes. I don't approve."-Mad Prof. Mike
"A good way to sucker your friends into reading one of the best urban fantasies out there, because Harper knows your friends can't handle anything longer than a beer commercial . . . "--Juris
[Judge Dredd] Neal Barrett, Jr. Judge Dredd. $4.99.
Novelization based on the screenplay by William Wisher and Steven E. De Souza. Packaged to look as if "Stallone" were the author.
Batchelor, John Calvin. The Birth of the People's Republic of Antartica. $14.00.
Reprint 1983 hardcover.
Batchelor, John Calvin. The Further Adventures of Halley's Comet. $14.00.
Reprint 1980 hardcover.
[Batman] Peter David. Batman Forever. $5.99.
Novelization based on screenplay by Lee Batchler & Janet Scott Batchler and Akiva Goldsman.
[Battletech] Blaine Lee Pardoe. Highlander Gambit. $4.99.
Battletech 18 [these are only numbered in the ads!].
Bauer, Marion, Dane, editor. Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence. $5.95.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. ALA Best Book for Young Adults, ALA Recommended Book for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG). Includes original stories by Francesca Lia Block, Coville, Sleator, Yolen and others.
"Suffers from too much similarity from story to story, but lots of good stuff nonetheless. The Sleator is incredible, the Yolen and Coville both way good. Recommended to be read one story at a time."--Debbie
Also recommended by Dave.
Bisson, Terry. Johnny Mnemonic. $5.50.
Novelization based on the short story and screenplay by William Gibson.
Bova, Ben. Orion and the Conqueror. $5.99.
Sequel to Orion, Vengeance of Orion (both out of stock) and Orion in the Dying Time ($4.99).
Buehner, Caralyn. It's a Spoon, Not a Shovel. $14.99.
Pictures by Mark Buehner.
Calder, Richard. Dead Girls. $19.95.
Reprint 1992 British hardcover.
"You've read Snow Crash, all of Gibson, Rucker, MacDonald and every other author who has involuntarily accepted the post-CyberPunk label -- looking for the next hip thrill? Look no further. Leyneresque metaphors, sex and violence that makes Tarrantino look like the poser he really is, and a hyperdellic story line. Read it now, before the Hip Police revoke your card."--Juris
Cannon, Janell. Trupp. $15.00.
The tale of the Fuzzhead Trupp, from the writer/illustrator of Stellaluna.
"I loved Stellaluna, but this is a bit too wootzie (as in cutesey-wootzie) for my taste. Sort of a '7th grade girl who listens to Janis Ian too much' epic."--Mad Prof. Mike
"Agreed, but some of the pictures (particularly the earlier Southwestern ones) are gorgeous."--Janet
Carroll, Jonathan. From the Teeth of Angels. $12.00.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
"Jonathan Carroll does characters better than anybody else -- got it? Teeth of Angels is cosmopolitan, terrifying and magical realist (in a European sense). He blows the ending, but that's not why we read J. C. Please refer to the first sentence."--Juris
Cole, Allan and Chris Bunch. Warrior's Tale. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to The Far Kingdoms ($5.99). Cover by Keith Parkinson.
Coupland, Douglas. Microserfs. $21.00.
Cushman, Karen. Catherine, Called Birdy. $3.95.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Newbery Honor Book, 1995 ALA Notable Children's Book, 1995 ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 1995 ALA Quick Picks for Young Adults.
"A realistic, entertaining and captivating look into an unprettified Middle Ages, witha delightfully stubborn and feisty narrator. Recommended."--Debbie
"Very fine. Gives a beautiful sense of what it could have been like to grow up in the late thirteenth century. Fun to read, as well as moving. Highly recommended."--Jennifer
Cushman, Karen. The Midwife's Apprentice. $10.95.
Young adult historical. Jacket art by Trina Schart Hyman.
Dann, Jack and Gardner Dozois, editors. Angels!. $4.99.
Includes stories by Cadigan, Dick, Friesner, Goldstein, Kearns, Silverberg, Wilhelm, Yolen, Zelazny and others.
de Camp, L. Sprague and Christopher Stasheff[, editors]. Exotic Enchanter. $5.99.
Not a novel (but then, neither were the original Harold Shea books by Pratt and de Camp), but four novelettes by Green & Murray, Stasheff, de Camp and Wham.
Dickinson, Peter. A Bone from a Dry Sea. $3.99.
Reprint 1992 hardcover. ALA Best Book for Young Adults, ALA Notable Children's Book.
Dickinson, Peter. Yellow Room Conspiracy. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover mystery.
Dickson, Gordon R. Magnificent Wilf. $21.00.
'Set in a different universe from Dickson's Dorsai novels and written from a different point of view.'
Drake, David and Janet Morris. Arc Riders. $5.50.
Dvorkin, David. Unquenchable. $4.50.
A vampire novel.
Ecklar, Julia. Regenesis. $4.99.
Fix-up based on four stories from Analog.
Etchison, Dennis. California Gothic. $4.99.
Reprint 1995 small press hardcover.
Farris, John. Sacrifice. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
Forrest, Elizabeth. Death Watch. $5.99.
Foxxe, Ellen. Season of Shadows. $4.99.
The Summerlands 1. A Bill Fawcett & Associates package. Cover by John Howe.
Frankos, Steven. Cathedral of Thorns. $5.99.
Sequel to Beyond Lich Gate ($5.50).
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. Of Love and Other Demons. $21.00.
Translation from the 1994 Spanish by Edith Grossman.
Gibson, William. Johnny Mnemonic. $12.00.
The screenplay and the story.
Goldstein, Lisa. Summer King, Winter Fool. $4.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. More revealing version of Kevin Johnson's cover painting tells why it was so mercilessly cropped for the hardcover.
"Goldstein is always superb, and this one is no exception. It's not her best, it's just way better than good enough. Check out the ladders."--Debbie
"Goldstein's clean, spare prose and subtlely but profoundly unconventional approach to traditional fantasy themes are refreshing. If you're weary of cubical fantasy novels, and are looking for something rich and inventive, but without any padding, give this book a try."--Janet
Gray, Alisdair. Ten Tales Tall & True. $11.00.
Reprint 1993 hardcover. Cover and illustrations by the author.
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Werewolves. $5.50.
Original anthology, with stories by Cave, Crowther, Hodge, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Reichert, J. N. Williamson and others. Introduction by Ed Gorman.
Gribbin, John. Schrödinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality: Solving the Quantum Mysteries. $23.95.
[Gurney, James] John Vornholt. Dinotopia: River Quest. $3.99.
Cover by James Gurney. Young adult novel set in Gurney's world.
[Gurney, James] Scott Ciencin. Dinotopia: Windchaser. $3.99.
Cover by James Gurney. Young adult novel set in Gurney's world.
Harris, Deborah Turner. Queen of Ashes. $5.99.
Sequel to Caledon of the Mists ($5.50). Cover by Don Maitz.
Highwater, Jamake. Language of Vision: Meditations on Myth and Metaphor. $12.00.
Reprint 1994 hardcover non-fiction.
Jeffries, Mike. The Knights of Cawdor. $5.99.
Loremasters of Elundium 4.
Jones, J. V. Book of Words 1: The Baker's Boy. $12.99.
Cover by Darrell Sweet.
Kadrey, Richard. Kamikaze l'Amour. $20.95.
Jacket art by Dave McKean.
Kay, Guy Gavriel. Lions of Al-Rassan. $20.00.
Jacket art by Mel Odom.
Kennealy-Morrison, Patricia. The Oak Above the Kings. $5.99.
Tales of Arthur 2: reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover by Tom Canty.
Kessler, Joan C., editor. Demons of the Night: An Anthology. $14.95.
Tales of the Fantastic, Madness, and the Supernatural from Nineteenth Century France. Includes stories by Balzac, Dumas (pere), Gautier, Merimee, Nodier, Verne and others.
Kidd, Chico. Printer's Devil. $5.99.
Kilian, Crawford. Greenmagic. $4.99.
Reprint 1992 paperback.
Kilian, Crawford. Redmagic. $5.99.
Sequel to Greenmagic.
[King, Paula] as 'P. K. McAllister'. Maia's Veil. $4.99.
The Cloudships of Orion 2.
Koontz, Dean. Strange Highways. $23.95.
Short story collection, including the title short novel, new to this volume.
Kurtz, Katherine, editor. Tales of the Knights Templar. $5.50.
Original anthology, with Anderson, Doyle & Macdonald, Harris & Harris, Huff, Kurtz, Moon and others.
Lee, Gentry. Bright Messengers. $21.95.
A solo novel set in the Rama universe. Introduction by Clarke. Jacket art by Stephen Youll.
Lindskold, Jane. Marks of Our Brothers. $4.99.
"Although the title is drawn from The Jungle Book, this is not a sequel to Lindkold's highly regarded Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls. Instead, for her second published novel, Lindskold demonstrates her versatility in spinning a compelling yarn, employing some of the same themes in a different setting, wedding some fine alien races to a twist on the old first contact tale. Recommended, despite pointless Asian stereotyping."--Dave
"Oh Zelazny, you used to write the most mind-blowing, new science fiction . . . one that would tease yet be comprehensible. What happened? Well, now you can step down . . . we have a new writer in town equal to the challenge . . . and her name is Lindskold."--Andrew
[map] Professor Pathfinder. Professor Pathfinder's University of California Berkeley Campus & Environs. $3.95.
"A cool street and building map. We're placed twice on the map: once a block north, the other misplaced between other stores on our block. Otherwise mostly accurate as of mid-1994, although Dark Carnival has moved since."--Dave
Mason, Lisa. Summer of Love. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 trade paperback.
"Well done evocation of the waning days of the Haight-Ashbury (not prettified), from the point of view of a post-ecological-disaster time traveller. Recommended."--Debbie
McCaffrey, Anne. Freedom's Landing. $22.95.
Wraparound Whelanesque panoramic jacket art by Romas.
[Milne, A. A.] Ann Thwaite. The Brilliant Career of Winnie-the-Pooh: The Definitive History of the Best Bear in All the World. $25.00.
"190 pages of visual material not included in Thwaite's biography of Milne, collecting early sketches, photos of the Milnes, the bears, the Wood, and reprinting Mrs. Parker's famous review (p.111, not in the index). An always fascinating cornucopia: this is a Dave-Must-Have book!"--Dave
Moorcock, Michael. Hawkmoon. $19.99.
Omnibus reprint The Jewel in the Skull (1967), The Mad God's Amulet (1968), The Sword of the Dawn (1968) and The Runestaff (1969). Illustrated by James Cawthorn. New introduction by Moorcock.
Morrow, James. This is the Way the World Ends. $11.00.
Reprint 1986 hardcover; first trade paperback edition.
Morrow, James. Towing Jehovah. $12.00.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Nominee 1995 Hugo Best Novel.
Napoli, Donna Jo. The Magic Circle. $3.99.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover. Cover by Leo and Diane Dillon. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.
"A splendid short tale of a medieval healer woman attempting to escape the contract of witchcraft that comes from her own greed for pretty jewels and candy. Recommended."--Dave
"Really nice, with a very satisfying twist."--Jennifer
Niven, Larry. Flatlander. $5.99.
Adds The Patchwork Girl (1978) and "The Woman in Del Rey Crater" to 1976's The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton.
Norton, Andre. Hands of Lyr. $5.50.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Cover by Gary Ruddell.
Park, Paul. Celestis. $21.95.
[Peters, Tom] Eric Goldberg, Debbie Notkin and Richard F. Dutcher. The Tom Peters Business School in a Box. $50.00.
"What idiot would spend six years on a project like this?"--Debbie
Pohl, Frederik and Thomas T. Thomas. Mars Plus. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to Man Plus ($4.99). Cover by Stephen Hickman.
[postcard] N. E. Thing Enterprises. Magic Eye II: A Book of Postcards. $8.95.
A second collection of eye-popping postcards.
Potocki, Jan. The Manuscript Found in Saragossa. $27.95.
1995 translation from 1989 French [and Polish] reconstruction of late 18th Century gothic narrative.
Pynchon, Thomas. Gravity's Rainbow. $15.95.
Reprint 1973 hardcover. Highly appropriate new cover art from V2 blueprints.
"Warning!: In this reviewer's opinion, outside of Joyce this is one of the best books in the English language. Many people disagree, but then they have never read it, nor experienced the pure psychic weirdness this book causes. Warning!: 50% of the people who have read this three or more times have been institutionalized. I haven't, but then again aren't you embarassed for not wrestling with that demon and still pretending you know something about real literature out of Babylon 5?"--Juris
[Quantum Leap] L. Elizabeth Storm. Pulitzer. $5.99.
An eighth Quantum Leap novel.
Robinson, Kim Stanley. The Gold Coast. $13.95.
Three Californias 2. Reprint 1988 hardcover; first trade paperback.
"See previous rave review of The Wild Shore; this one is Orange County overpopulated and overdeveloped (like now only more so), and it's at least as good. Buy it."--Debbie
"Individually, this is my favorite of the three, but like I said before, to get the full effect, you have to read them all."--Janet
"Worth the time."--Gib
Also highly recommended by Dave, for whom this techno-near-future-gone-wild volume is his favorite.
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Green Mars. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Sequel to Red Mars ($5.99). Winner 1994 Hugo Award Best Novel.
"As intricate, powerful, compelling and memorable as Red Mars. Whatever anyone else tells you, I say don't miss these -- they're the best."--Debbie
Roszak, Theodore. Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein. $22.00.
Russo, Richard Paul. Carlucci's Edge. $5.99.
Sequel to Destroying Angel ($4.50).
Saberhagen, Fred. Last Book of Swords: Shieldbreaker's Story. $4.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
Saberhagen, Fred, editor. An Armory of Swords. $21.95.
Original Lost Swords stories by Saberhagen, Stackpole, Vardeman, W. J. Williamson and others.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Clouds of Witness. $4.99.
Reprint 1927 hardcover. A Lord Peter Wimsey mystery.
"If we're going to branch out into mysteries [and we seem to be dipping our ankles into the pool--Dave], we couldn't slight the unforgettable Lord Peter. Recommended."--Debbie
Sayers, Dorothy L. In the Teeth of the Evidence and Other Mysteries. $4.99.
Reprint 1940 hardcover.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Murder Must Advertise. $4.99.
Reprint 1933 hardcover. A Lord Peter Wimsey mystery.
"An excellent book to start your Wimsey/Sayers addiction."--Janet
"Hooked me, and is a must for anyone who has worked in a corporate atmosphere dealing with 'words'."--Juris
Especially recommended by Debbie.
Sayers, Dorothy L. Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club. $4.99.
Reprint 1928 hardcover. A Lord Peter Wimsey mystery.
Scott, Melissa. Trouble and Her Friends. $4.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover. Winner 1995 Lambda Award for best Lesbian/Gay Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel.
Highly recommended by Dave, who placed this first on his Lambda ballot.
Self, Will. My Idea of Fun: A Cautionary Tale. $12.00.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover.
Shwartz, Susan and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. Sisters in Fantasy. $4.99.
Original anthology, with stories by Clayton, Eisenstein, Finch, Goldstein, Karr, Kerr, Kress, Lee, Moon, Norton, Rusch, J. Sherman, Tarr, Wurts and Yolen. Gorgeous Mel Odom cover.
Sleator, William. Interstellar Pig. $3.99.
Reprint 1984 hardcover. An ALA Notable Book. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.
Sleator, William. Oddballs. $3.99.
Reprint 1993 hardcover.
[Star Trek] Denny Martin Flinn. Fearful Summons. $5.50.
Star Trek #74. Sequel to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
[Star Trek] Dave Marinaccio. All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek. $10.00.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
[Star Trek] William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Ashes of Eden. $23.00.
You have to look on the title page to find out who wrote this one . . .
[Star Trek] Kathleen Sky. Death's Angel. $4.99.
Reprint 1981 paperback.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Greg Cox and John Gregory Betancourt. Devil in the Sky. $5.50.
Star Trek Deep Space Nine #11.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Young Jedi Knights 1: Heirs of the Force. $4.99.
First of six young adult novels featuring the twin children of Leia and Han Solo
Starbuck, Kathlyn S. India's Story. $4.99.
Reprint 1993 British hardcover.
[Stephenson, Neal and J. Frederick George] as 'Stephen Bury'. Interface. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 trade paperback.
Stine, R. L. The Barking Ghost. $3.50.
Goosebumps 32.
Taylor, Georgia. Lamia: A Witch. $4.99.
Supernatural erotic historical romance novel.
Tepper, Sheri S. as 'A. J. Orde'. A Long Time Dead. $5.50.
A fifth Jason Lynx mystery.
Wilde, Oscar [edited by Ian Small]. Complete Short Fiction. $9.95.
Omnibus reprint The Happy Prince (1888), A House of Pomegranates (1891), Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (1891), Poems in Prose (1894), and assorted other pieces.
[World of Darkness] Richard Lee Byers. World of Darkness: Vampire: Netherworld. $4.99.
Based on the White Wolf RPG.
Wolverton, Dave. Golden Queen. $5.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
Woolrich, Cornell. Waltz into Darkness. $6.95.
Reprint 1947 hardcover mystery.
Wright, T. M. Ascending. $4.99.
Reprint 1994 hardcover.
[X-Files] Charles Grant. Whirlwind. $4.99.
Based on the TV series created by Chris Carter.
Yep, Laurence. Dragon's Gate. $3.95.
Reprint 1993 hardcover. A Newbery Honor Book. An ALA Notable Children's Book.
Zelazny, Roger [and Martin Greenberg], editor[s]. Warriors of Blood and Dream. $5.99.
Original martial arts fantasy anthology, with stories by Barnes, Carver, Haber, Hausman, Lansdale, Lindskold, Stackpole, Walter Jon Williams and others.

Audio/Video received May 1995

[audio] [Star Trek] William Shatner [with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens]. Ashes of Eden. $18.00.
Abridged reading 'by the author'. Approximately 3 hours on two cassettes.

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