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Other Change of Websites:

Useful References:

Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase: author bibliographies, magazine contents, forthcoming books. [13mar03]
Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento's The Locus Index to Science Fiction: lists of books published from 1983 to the present, author and title indexes to stories published in magazines, collections and anthologies. [13mar03]
William G. Contento's similar Mystery Short Fiction Index. [13mar03]

Other cool stores:

Dangerous Visions, the oldest sf bookstore in Los Angeles, now shifting to a virtual-only presence. [13mar03]
Future Fantasy, the first online SF bookstore, non-virtually in Palo Alto, now sadly defunct.
Borderlands Books, cool science fiction, fantasy & horror bookstore in the Mission district of San Francisco. [13mar03]
Mysterious Galaxy, a San Diego Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Suspense bookstore. [13mar03]
Dark Carnival, the other science fiction, fantasy, and mystery bookstore in Berkeley [13mar03]
Stars Our Destination, another brick-and-mortal gone virtual, in Evanston, Illinois [13mar03]
Dreamhaven Books and Comics, in Minneapolis [13mar03]
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction and Uncle Edgar's Mystery bookstores, in Minneapolis [13mar03]

Writers' WebMarket:

Roger MacBride Allen home page: covers, essays, photos, news.[29apr01]
Emma Bull, and Lorraine Garland: The Flash Girls [29apr01]
Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage: biography, bibliography, filmography, interview. [29apr01]
Greg Costikyan home page.
Philip Kindred Dick
Wesleyan University Press' Samuel R. Delany page.[16may01]
Peter Morwood and Diane Duane's - Owl Springs Partnership home page: biographies, bibliographies . . . and tasty recipes [16may01].
Dorothy Dunnett Home Page: biography, news, bibliography
George Alec Effinger website, including chapters from the fourth Marid Audran novel, Word of Night, and the begnning of a new steampunk trilogy with the collegiate Sherlock Holmes, A League of Dragons.[16may01 -- gone missing, grrrr!]
Lynn Flewelling Home Page, with info about her new Nightrunner series.
Everything you ever wanted to know about James Gurney's Dinotopia [29apr01]
The official Barbara Hambly website: biography, photos, monthly updates, and more[16may01]
Robert Anson Heinlein.
Robert E. Howard Archive: poetry, REH Conan and Solomon Kane chronologies [29apr01]
J. V. Jones website: author and cover photos, excerpts from The Baker's Boy
Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time home page.
Full text of Richard Kadrey's out-of-print novelMetrophage.
Nancy Kilpatrick, horror, dark fantasy and erotic horror, sometimes under the nom de plume Amarantha Knight.
The Mercedes Lackey Information Page.
C. S. Lewis - Into the Wardrobe.
De Web Mysteriis...The Great Old Ones on the Web...Call of Cthulhu page, links and bibliographies to H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and William Hope Hodgson
Tom Maddox: LOCUS columns and novel HALO
Yvonne Navarro: Writer & Illustrator, invites you to . . . Creaturette's Darke Palace.
An unofficial Patrick O'Brian page.
Patrick O'Leary's page, featuring pertinent and interesting info about his Tor Books novel, Door Number Three.
The House of Usher: Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849).
Terry Pratchett - links to the Annotated Pratchett File and the FAQ and archives.
S.P. Somtow Home Page
Bruce Sterling
Drakon by S. M. Stirling
Sheri S. Tepper
J.R.R. Tolkien Web Page: Darryl Friesen's Tolkien timeline; Eric Lippert's The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
Tolkien Language List (TolkLang) Archive: about J.R.R. Tolkien's languages
Jack Vance Archive
Martha Wells Home Page: Bibliography, Biography, Excerpts
An unofficial Walter Jon Williams home page: interviews, bibliography.

Publisher home pages:

Ace Books' PB Plug , a science fiction/fantasy web-newsletter.
The Arkham Archives: a page for collectors of Arkham House books: Bibliographies of Arkham House books and monthly featured titles with description and jackets.
Avon Books.
Baen Books: forthcoming covers, sample chapters and more.
Bantam/Spectra Science Fiction Forum.
Berkley Books.
Circlet Press WWW - publisher devoted to the publication of Erotic Science Fiction.
Del Rey Books at Random House - includes a few chapters, newsletters.
Harper Collins US.
Harper Collins UK: Voyager Science Fiction site.
NESFA Press, great small-press, the publishing appendage of the New England Science Fiction Association.
Penguin On Demand.
Steeldragon Press, Will Shetterly and Emma Bull's defunct publishing house, now a mere historical memento.
Tor Books- includes a sample chapters, newsletters.
Warner Aspect, a division of Time Warner
Northern Lights Internet Solutions Ltd.'s Publisher's Catalogs Home Page

On-line magazines:

Ansible, the Hugo-winning newsletter of the British SF world.
Science Fiction Weekly.
WiReD Magazine

Other neat places:

WorldCon '96 - LACon3: the 54th World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles
Horror Writers Association.
NESFA, the New England Science Fiction Association.
Web Version of the Fannish E-Mail Directory.
Hugo Award Winners, 1953-1994
Nebula Award Winners, 1965-1994
Gareth Rees's SF Resource Guide.
John R. R. Leavitt's Speculative Fiction Clearing House
The Internet Book Information Center.
The Lysator Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive (Linköping, Sweden)
Science Fiction Resource Guide at Rutgers University.
Speculative Fiction Clearing House.
The Timebinders Home Page of The Society for the Preservation of the History of Science Fiction Fandom.[29apr01]
Boiled in Lead features Jane Yolen's eldest son on lead guitar and records songs by her and by Steven Brust
Dirty Linen Magazine - Magazine of Folk, Electric Folk, World and Traditional Music.[29apr01]
EMI's Richard Thompson page, featuring the tribute album BEAT THE RETREAT, interview snippets, Wall of Death soundbytes ...
Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna/Jefferson Starship The Next Generation: discographies, setlists and more.
Lots of JPEGs from Blade Runner.[29apr01]
2019: Off-World (A Blade Runner Page), with many links to other Blade Runner pages.[29apr01]
A Doctor Who home page, made with the participation of both BBC and Radio Times.
X-Files: audio clips, lots of links.
X-Files: partly in Norwegian, partly in English.
Stills and MPEGs from Clive Barker's movie Lord of Illusions
The Dominion - The SciFi Channel online.




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