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Past Events: 1995 - 1998

Pix below were taken when spacecadet Dave remembered to haul in QuickCam and PowerBook. Please be patient: they will take a while to download.

7-9pm, Friday, November 6th, 1998: Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche (John Skipp and Mark Levinthal couldn't make it) read and signed stories from their anthology, In the Shadow of the Gargoyle (in trade paperback from Ace Books), and Mad Prof Mike Marano returned to read/sign his novel Dawn Song (hardcover from Tor Books)

In the Shadow of the GargoyleDawn Song
Miknath1.jpg (61678 bytes)Mad Prof ('Bunny!') Mike, Nancy Kilpatrick and Thomas Roche

6-7:30pm, Monday, November 2nd:
Ellen Datlow and Pat Murphy read and signed from Datlow & Windling's new original anthology Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers (in trade paperback from HarperCollins)

datlsire.jpg (23146 bytes)
datlmurp.jpg (38117 bytes)Ellen Datlow and Pat Murphy

7-8pm, Wednesday, October 28th:
Laurell K. Hamilton read and sign from her latest Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel, Blue Moon (in paperback from Ace Books), along with surprise guests Katharine Eliska Kimbriel and Ru Emerson.

hamiblue.jpg (22510 bytes)
Kimbriel, Hamilton and EmersonKatharine Eliska Kimbriel, Laurell K. Hamilton and Ru Emerson

7-8pm, Wednesday, October 28th:
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro signed her new Saint-Germain novel, Blood Roses (in hardcover from Tor Books), and the two Mycroft Holmes books, Against the Brotherhood and Embassy Row (in paperback and hardcover from Tor Books).

Against the BrotherhoodEmbassy Row

7-9pm, Friday, October 9th,
Douglas Clegg read and signed his novel, The Halloween Man

cleghall.jpg (23154 bytes)

7:30-9pm, Friday, September 18th:
The Elves', Gnomes' & Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder & Marching Society hosted Howard Hendrix reading from his latest novel, Standing Wave (in paperback from Ace Books).

 hendstan.jpg (6707 bytes)

Hh3a.jpg (24312 bytes)Howard rises to the occasion

1-3pm, Saturday, August 29th:
Killer Dogs and Zombie Frogs! Martha Soukup read from her collection, The Arbitrary Placement of Walls (hardcover from Dreamhaven Books); Sean Stewart read the first chapter from his latest novel, Mockingbird (hardcover from Ace Books) and signed The Night Watch (paperback from Ace Books).

stewmock.jpg (6152 bytes)stewnigh.jpg (5566 bytes) soukarbi.jpg (4988 bytes)
Seanmar1.jpg (20922 bytes)Martha Soukup and Sean Stewart

6-8pm, Saturday, July 25th:
an Avram Davidson appreciation party: guests included Grania Davis, Peter S. Beagle and a lot of relatives, extended and otherwise.
7:30-9pm, Friday, July 24th:
The Elves', Gnomes' & Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder & Marching Society hosted Cecelia Holland, who read a fascinating forthcoming alternate history short story.
6-8pm, Wednesday, July 22nd:
Kim Stanley Robinson read from and signed his great new novel, Antarctica (in hardcover from Bantam/Spectra Books).

robianta.jpg (68907 bytes)

1-3pm, Saturday, July 11th:
John Shirley stopped and signed his new collection Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side (in hardcover from Mark V. Ziesing Books). No reading as no one showed up for it.  :-(

shirblac.jpg (26543 bytes)

6-8pm, Thursday, May 28th:
Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, editors of The Horns of Elfland, hosted our 21st Anniversary Party Concert: guest performers included guitar wizard Henry Kaiser III and members of The Berkeley Opera in excerpts from David Scott Marley's The Riot Grrrl on Mars. Photos to come.
1-3pm, Sunday, May 24th:
Brenda Clough chatted about and signed her recent novel, How Like a God (in paperback from Tor Books).
Brenda.jpg (63286 bytes)Brenda and Shagrat come to an understanding about who owns whose lap.
7:30-9pm, Friday, May 15th:
The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society presented Pat Murphy and Ellen Klages talking about behind the scenes fun and publishing at The Exploratorium. Unfortunately no one showed up.   :-(
3-5pm, Saturday, April 18th:
The great Elizabeth A. Lynn read from and signed her long-awaited new fantasy novel, Dragon's Winter (in hardcover from Ace Books).
6-8pm, Saturday, February 28th:
A celebration of the late Theodore Sturgeon who would have had his 80th birthday the previous Thursday. Paul Williams, literary executor and editor of the labor-of-love The Complete Stories (signed copies of all four volumes to date are in stock) spoke about the project. Readings and reminiscences by special guests included daughter Noel Sturgeon, her son, son Robin Sturgeon (who read from '[The (Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff') and their mother Marion Sturgeon (three generations!), Richard A. Lupoff (who lead a roundrobin reading of 'Artifact', the very obscure and legendary paperplate story by Niven, Foster, Sturgeon, Lupoff and Tuning), Michael Kurland and Elizabeth A. Lynn.

Noel Sturgeon and Richard A. LupoffNoel Sturgeon and Richard A. Lupoff

Richard A. Lupoff, Paul Williams and Robin SturgeonRichard A. Lupoff, Paul Williams and Robin Sturgeon

7:30pm, Friday, January 23rd:
The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society hosted long-time member Diana Thatcher, who presented slides from her paleotological digs last summer. We still have a haplosaurus hip joint in residence.
6-8:00pm, Saturday, January 17th:
Peter S. Beagle returned to read his last unicorn story from his retrospective collection, The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and Other Odd Acquaintances.
Peter S. Beagle reads 'Julie's Unicorn'Peter reads 'Julie's Unicorn'
7:30pm, Friday, December 5th, 1997:
The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society hosted Vonda N. McIntyre, who read from her novel of alternate history and science, The Moon and the Sun.
1-3:00pm, Sunday, November 23rd, 1997:
Peter S. Beagle postponed for health reasons.
6-8pm, Saturday, November 15th, 1997:
Sean Stewart read from his latest novel. The Night Watch.
Sean makes a point.Sean makes a point.
7:30pm, Friday, November 14th, 1997:
The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society (est. 1949) hosted long-time members Karen and Poul Anderson, who regaled us with a brief and entertaining history of the club's early years.
1-3:00pm, Sunday, November 2nd, 1997:
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro signed the latest Saint-Germain novels, Writ in Blood (hardcover) and Mansions of Darkness (trade paperback), and the first of the Mycroft Holmes novels by 'Quinn Fawcett', Against the Brotherhood
1-2:30pm, Saturday, September 27th, 1997:
the irrepressible S. P. Somtow read from his forthcoming novel.
Somtow and his McNuggetsSomtow and his McNuggets
8-9:00pm, Friday, September 26th, 1997:
The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society
presented Howard V. Hendrix, author of the recent novel, Lightpaths, sported a t-shirt with his book's cover.
2-4:00pm, Sunday, August 17th, 1997:
Peter S. Beagle amused us by reading the title story from Giant Bones, a collection of all-new stories set in the world of The Innkeeper's Song.
1-3:00pm, Saturday, August 2nd, 1997:
the ever-dapper Paul Preuss gave us background on his hard science novel, Secret Passages.
1-3:00pm, Saturday, July 12th, 1997:
P. N. Elrod, alas, cancelled.
6-8:00pm, Tuesday, July 1st, 1997:
R. A. Salvatore, touting his latest novel, The Demon Awakens, entertained us with fascinating tales of his beginnings writing in TSR's worlds and of his struggle to break out on his own.
2-4:00pm, Sunday, June 15th, 1997:
our neighbor Steven Saylor outlined future plans for Gordianus the Finder and tantalized us with bits from his next novel, mixing up O'Henry, a serial killer and Texas. QuickCam shots to come.
2-4:00pm, Saturday, May 31st, 1997:
our honored guests, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Frank M. Robinson, brought the month of Anniversary celebrations to a close.
Tuesday, May 27th, 1997:
The Other Change of Hobbit turned 20! Photos forthcoming.
6-8:00pm, Wednesday, May 14th, 1997:
Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta helped celebrate our 20th Anniversary, squeezing time in before abandoning California for the higher altitude and thinner air of Colorado.
Picture of Kevin standingKevin shows off one of his collectible first editions
Rebecca and KevinRebecca and Kevin (expounding on something we don't remember)
2-4:00pm, Saturday, May 10th, 1997:
a celebration of Darkover with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Elizabeth Waters, and many of the Friends of Darkover.
MarionThe Mistress of Avalon and Darkover
Marion signingMarion signs as Elisabeth Waters looks on
Marion, Diana and LisaMarion Zimmer Bradley, Diana Paxson and Elisabeth Waters
6-8:00pm, Tuesday, October 22nd, 1996:
Lois McMaster Bujold entertained us with tales of writing and travelling and writing, with previews of the future of the Vorkosigan series.
2-4:00pm, Sunday, October 6th, 1996:
S. P. Somtow read and signed his books and talked about his film projects.
6-8:00pm, Wednesday, September 11th, 1996:
Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliott read and signed their collabortive novel The Golden Key.
6-8:00pm, Wednesday, September 4th, 1996:
Wil McCarthy signed and read from his latest science fiction mystery novel, Murder in the Solid State.
2-4:00pm, Saturday, August 24th, 1996:
a party for Circlet Press with editrix Cecelia Tan and others.
Saturday, May 25th, 1996:
The honored and honorable Harlan Ellison cancelled due to health, and has yet to make good on his rescheduled appearance after nearly two years.
Sunday, April 14th, 1996:
Janet Berliner read and signed from her dark fantasy/Holocaust novel Child of The Light (co-written with George Guthridge), the first volume of the "Madagascar Manifesto" trilogy published by White Wolf.
6:00-8:00pm, Friday, April 5th, 1996:
Fantasy author and dispenser of Rat Oil J. V. Jones read and signed her new novel, A Man Betrayed. In honor of her first novel, the best-selling The Baker's Boy, there was a special OCH Bake-Off judged by Ms. Jones herself!
2:00pm, Saturday, January 20th, 1996:
Suzy McKee Charnas read her story "Beauty and the Opera, or the Phantom Beast".
3:30-5:30pm, Friday, January 19th, 1996:
Octavia E. Butler spoke on being a recipient of a 1995 MacArthur "genius" grant, and how she grew as a writer.
2:00-4:00pm, Saturday, October 14th, 1995:
a party for The Immortal Unicorn authors featured readings, signings and a special musical performance by co-editor Peter S. Beagle. Guests included:
  • Peter S. Beagle and Janet Berliner, editors/writers
  • Tad Williams, New York Times bestselling author of To Green Angel Tower
  • S.P.Somtow, film director, composer, and author of Vampire Junction, Valentine and Vanitas
  • Karen Joy Fowler, National Book Award nominee and winner of The Commonwealth Award for Sarah Canary
  • Lisa Mason, author of The Summer of Love and The Golden 90's
  • Dave Smeds, Henry Miller Award winning author of The Sorcery Within
  • Michael Marano, horror writer and nationally syndicated Public Radio commentator
  • Marina Fitch, acclaimed fantasist and short fiction writer
7:00-9:00pm, Wednesday, August 9th, 1995:
playwright, author and director Clive Barker read and promoted his new film, Lord of Illusions
5:00pm until ?. Sunday, March 12th, 1995:
the Dead Dog Party for the 1995 Fantasy Worlds Festival: C.J. Cherryh, Deborah Wheeler, Jane Fancher, Marion Zimmer Bradley and many other special guests hob-nobbed after the convention.



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