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Past Events: 2000-2003

6-8pm, Thursday, October 9th, 2003: Cory Doctorow read a new story and signed his new collection, A Place So Foreign and Eight More (in trade paperback from Four Walls Eight Windows) and his debut novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (in hardcover from Tor Books).

Cory Doctorow explaining digital rights. [digital photo by Lori Buschbaum]

2-3pm, Saturday, September 20th, 2003: Bruce Balfour signed and read from his new novel, The Digital Dead (in paperback from Ace Books).

1-3pm, Saturday, May 10th, 2003: John Ringo signed and read from his new novel, Hell's Faire (in hardcover from Baen Books).

 John Ringo signs books on the sidewalk. (where it's legal to use that stogie). [digital photos by Lori Buschbaum]

2-4pm, Saturday, April 5th, 2003: Hugo and Nebula Award winner John Varley stopped in on a trip up the Coast to sign and read from his new novel, Red Thunder (in hardcover from Ace Books).

 John Varley ready to sign books. [digital photo by Lori Buschbaum]

1:30-3:30pm, Saturday, January 4th, 2003: The double-threat duo Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman returned to sign and read from their new Basil St. Cloud and Theron Campion novel, The Fall of the Kings (in trade paperback from Bantam/Spectra Books). The is the much-anticipated sequel to one of our top ten titles.

Delia and Ellen signing copies of The Fall of the Kings
Delia looking puzzled. [grainy digital photos from Dave's Christmas Pocket DVII]

2-4pm, Sunday, November 17th: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro returned to sign from her new St. Germain novel, Night Blooming (in hardcover from Warner Books).

6-7pm, Sunday, October 6th: Laura J. Mixon signed and read from her fifth sf novel, Burning the Ice (in hardcover from Tor Books).

7-9pm, Thursday, April 25th: Multiple awards-winner Kim Stanley Robinson signed and read his new alternate history novel, Years of Rice and Salt (hardcover from Bantam), which branches from the intriguing prospect of what would have happened if the Black Death had killed off most of Europe's population, a present-day where Islam and Buddhism are the world's dominant religions.

7-9pm, Thursday, February 21st, 2002: James Tiptree, Jr. Award and World Fantasy Award winner Kelly Link signed and read from from her lauded short story collection, Stranger Things Happen (trade paperback from Small Beer Press).

2-4pm, Saturday, October 20th: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro signed and chatted
2-4pm, Sunday, September 9th: Mick Farren read and signed from his recent vampire novels, More Than Mortal and Darklost (hardcover and paperback respectively, from Tor Books). And, no, these vampires will not steal your lunch money.

Terry Pratchett snuck in a drive-by signing.
TP and a stack of Thief of Time
Connie Willis snuck in a drive-by signing.
CW and a stack of Passage
2-4pm, Saturday, March 17th: Campbell Award-winning Nalo Hopkinson signed and read from her novels, Brown Girl in the Ring and Midnight Robber (both in trade paperback from Warner/Aspect Books).

Nalo Hopkinson selecting a passage to read
2-4pm, Sunday, February 4th: Philip K. Dick Award-winning Richard Paul Russo signed and read from his latest collection, Terminal Visions (in hardcover from Golden Gryphon Press), and his new novel, Ship of Fools (in trade paperback from Ace Books).

Richard Paul Russo and fan club!
7-9pm, Thursday, January 25th, 2001: Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Joe Haldeman signed his latest novels, Forever Free (in paperback from Ace Books), and The Coming (in hardcover from Ace Books).

Gay and Joe Haldeman
2-4pm, Sunday, November 19th: William F. Nolan read his new e-Text only Logan story and signed the new reprints of the first three Logan novels: Logan's Run, Logan's Search, and Logan's World.
artist William F. Nolan creating inscription
7-9pm, Friday, November 17th: Joshua Mertz read and signed his new cyberthriller, Machine Dreams (in trade paperback from Bald Mountain Books, publishers of Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels).

George R. R. Martin snuck in a drive-by signing.
GRRM and a stack of Storm of Swords
2-4pm, Sunday, November 5th: celebrating Writers of the Future with several of the upcoming winning stars, including writer William Brown, and artists Steelee Faltis, and Frank Wu, the Grand Prize Winner.

writers Melissa Yuan-Innes and William Brown, artist Frank Wu
7-9pm, Friday, October 13th: Master fantasist Dave Duncan read and signed from his concluding novels from The King's Blades series, Lord of the Fire Lands (in paperback from Harper Eos) and Sky of Swords (in hardcover from Harper Eos), and the latest novel in The King's Daggers series, The Crooked House (in paperback from Harper Eos).

2-4pm, Sunday, October 1st: globetrotting S. P. Somtow dropped by, fresh from concert preparations in Thailand!

7-9pm, Monday, July 3rd: In an uncommon visit to the West Coast, Katherine Kurtz read and signed her long-awaited new addition to the Deryni Chronicles, King Kelson's Bride (in hardcover from Ace Books).

6-8pm, Saturday, May 20th: Katharine Kerr postponed for health reasons.
6-8pm, Wednesday, May 3rd: A party celebrating the late James Tiptree, Jr., and the new collection of previously uncollected works, Meet Me at Infinity (in hardcover from Tor Books). Guests included Tiptree Award judges Debbie Notkin, Pat Murphy, Karen Joy Fowler, and Freddie Baer.

7:30-9pm, Sunday, Apr 2nd: Terry Pratchett, renowned creator of the Discworld novels, talked about and signed his latest Discworld novel, The Fifth Elephant (in hardcover from Harper Collins, who have also just reprinted the first three in paperback)

Terry Pratchett, the publicity shot
"What is this?" [water]
"That's better!" [locally brewed Triple Rock]
Yeah, it was a bit crowded.
But everyone got their books signed. Thanks, Terry!
7-9pm, Friday, Mar 31st: Sean Stewart checked back in to read and signed his latest contemporary fantasy novels, Galveston and Mockingbird (in hardcover and trade paperback respectively  from Ace Books)

Sean as cat furniture
Martha Soukup entertained by cannibal reading
4-6pm, Saturday, Mar 4th: Diana Paxson read and signed the four parts to her latest Arthurian fantasy novel, The Hallowed Isle: The Book of the Sword, The Book of the Spear, The Book of the Cauldron, and The Book of the Stone (all in trade paperback from Avon).

6-8pm, Saturday, Feb 26th: The one and only original Hobbitch, Sherry Gottlieb, founder of the late, lamented, original A Change of Hobbit, read and signed her latest vampire novel, Worse Than Death (in hardcover from Tor Books)

4-6pm, Sunday, Jan 30th: in collaboration with Further Confusion, C. J. Cherryh and Jane Fancher returned to read and sign their latest novels Precursor (in hardcover from DAW Books) and Ring of Destiny (in paperback from DAW Books) respectively
cherfor4200.jpg (14130 bytes)fancdan3200.jpg (10272 bytes)
6-8pm, Saturday, Jan 15th, 2000: Greg Kihn gave a mini-concert and read and signed his latest dark fantasy Mojo Hand (in hardcover from Tor Books)
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