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Past Events: 1999

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Pix below were taken when spacecadet Dave remembered to haul in QuickCam and PowerBook. Please be patient: they will take a while to download.

7-9pm, Friday, Nov 12th: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro discussed and signed her latest Saint-Germain novels, Communion Blood and Blood Roses (in hardcover and trade paperback respectively from Tor Books), and her collaborative Mycroft Holmes novels as 'Quinn Fawcett', The Flying Scotsman and Embassy Row (in hardcover and mass-market paperback respectively from Tor Books)
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5-7pm, Thursday, Nov 11th: The Brazen Hussies!
Michaela Roessner
(The Stars Compel, in hardcover from Tor Books), Lisa Goldstein (Dark Cities Underground, in hardcover from Tor Books) and Pat Murphy (There and Back Again, by Max Merriwell, in hardcover from Tor Books)
roessta2200.jpg (10960 bytes)golddark200.jpg (14572 bytes)murpther200.jpg (14029 bytes)
7:30-9pm, Tuesday, Oct 26th: Wendy Froud & Terri Windling read and signed their new book, A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale, with special guest Brian Froud attracting a lot of Pixar staff
froummids200.jpg (19499 bytes)
7-9pm, Friday, Oct 22nd: Howard V. Hendrix read and signed his new novel, Better Angels (in hardcover from Ace Books), and revealed that those with advance uncorrected reading copies have a very different draft than the published one
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7-9pm, Friday, Oct 1st: Kim Stanley Robinson returned, reading juicy bits from The Martians (in hardcover from Bantam/Spectra) and Antarctica (in paperback from Bantam/Spectra)
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6-8pm, Friday, Sep 24th: Walter Jon Williams read and signed his new novel, The Rift (in hardcover from HarperPrism), and talked about earthquakes
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6-8pm, Friday, August 24th: the eternally charming grandmaster Poul Anderson entertained with reading many selections from his latest novel, Operation Luna (in hardcover from Tor Books), sequel to the Unknown-style fantasy Operation Chaos
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7-9pm, Thursday, July 29th: Amy Thompson made a stop on a whirlwind West Coast tour, and read and signed her latest novel, Through Alien Eyes (in trade paperback from Ace Books)
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8-9pm (actually, more like 7:30-9:30pm), Friday, May 21st: The Killer B's! Gregory Benford, Greg Bear and David Brin read and sign their post-Asimov Foundation novels, Foundation's Fear, Foundation and Chaos and Foundation's Triumph (in paperback and/or hardcover from HarperPrism)
[Earlier in the afternoon, Christopher Moore cleared the confusion from the Friday below, signed store stock, and exchanged books with the Killer B's.]
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1-3pm, Sunday, May 16th: David Feintuch read and signed his la[te]st Seafort novel, Patriarch's Hope (in hardcover from Warner Aspect)
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feintuch.jpg (72614 bytes)David Feintuch in contemplative mode.
noon-1pm, Friday, May 14th: due to a series of confusions on the part of Avon/Spike's publicist, Christopher Moore missed his reading/signing
1-3pm, Saturday, April 17th: Frank M. Robinson read and signed his latest science fiction thriller, Waiting (in hardcover from Forge), a sequel to The Power

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1-2pm (actually more like 1:30-2:30, given the plane delay), Wednesday, March 31st: Elizabeth Hand read and signed her latest novel, Black Light (in hardcover from Harper)

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hand9904.jpg (174012 bytes)Elizabeth Hand prepping to sign a fan's stack of books.

noon-2pm, Saturday, January 23rd: Neil Gaiman read and signed his fantasy novel, Stardust (in trade paperback from Avon Books) and lots of his other books, and answered lots of questions, still making his plane flight

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neil4.jpg (104732 bytes)Signing Stardust in the Vess illustrated editon.
neil1.jpg (77181 bytes)Posing with Geneva.
neil2.jpg (62170 bytes)Reading from Stardust, the Avon edition.
neil3.jpg (86289 bytes)Signing Dustcovers.
above digital photos by Sean Cleveland.



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