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Ackroyd, Peter. Blake: A Biography. $18.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover non-fiction.
[Adams, Scott]. Dilbert: Corporate Shuffle. $12.95.
A Great Dalmuti card game from Wizard of the Coast. Includes 60 game cards, each illustrated with a Dilbert cartoon.
Adamson, Lydia. Dr. Nightingale Meets Puss in Boots. $5.99.
Paperback. An eighth Dr. Deidre Quinn Nightingale veterinary mystery novel.
Ashley, Amanda. A Darker Dream. $5.99.
Paperback vampire romance novel. Copyright by Madeline Baker may indicate that Ashley is a pen name.
[Asimov, Isaac] James Chambers, editor. Isaac Asimov's History of I-Botics. $22.00.
Hardcover. 'The Illustrated Novel': actually an original anthology with fiction by Betancourt, Grant (Steven) and Haber, set in a world allegedly created by Asimov. Illustrations by Mark Jackson, Pablo Marcos and Rags Moralss. A BIG Entertainment, Inc. package.
"Somehow I doubt that Asimov, if still living, would have allowed his name to be associated with Naxi mad scientists transplanting human brains into robot bodies . . . Sigh."--Dave
[Asimov, Isaac]. see also Martin H. Greenberg
[Bard's Tale] Mark Shepherd. Escape from Roksamur. $5.99.
Paperback. A Bard's Tale 7: sequel to Prison of Souls ($5.99; by Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepherd). Cover art by Darrell K.Sweet.
Barker, Clive. Imajica. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 British hardcover.
[Battletech] Blaine Lee Pardoe. Twilight of the Clans 1: Exodus Road. $5.99.
Paperback. Battletech [33; numbering from publisher info, not on the book itself]. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Beagle, Peter S. Giant Bones. $11.95.
Trade paperback. Six stories set in the world of The Innkeeper's Song (out-of-print). Cover art by Ray Lundgren.
"Beagle is one of the truly great fantasists, a unique voice that makes amazing music. If you don't know his books, you can start here -- if you do know his books, you already own it. Highly recommended."--Tom
Bear, Greg. / [Slant]. $24.95.
Hardcover. Wraparound jacket art by Jim Burns.
"A self contained novel set a few years after his Queen of Angels Bear uses some of the same characters to explore the lines between male and female, individual and society, virus and humanity. Mary Choy and Martin Burke finally meet! A post-cyber techno socio politico action thriller. Fun read. "--Guy
Beaton, M. C. Death of a Macho Man. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A thirteenth Hamish Macbeth mystery novel.
Berliner, Janet and George Guthridge. Children of the Dusk. $5.99.
Paperback. The Madagascar Manifesto 3: sequel to Child of the Light ($5.99) and Child of the Journey ($5.99).
Block, Lawrence. The Burglar in the Library. $23.95.
Hardcover. An eighth Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery novel.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer [and Adrienne Martine-Barnes]. The Shadow Matrix. $22.95.
Hardcover. Against the Terrans: The Second Age: Sequel to Exile's Song ($6.99). Martine Barnes receives copyright credit this time around, but neither jacket nor titlepage byline. Jacket art by Romas Kukalis.
Brass, Perry. The Harvest. $11.95.
Trade paperback.
Brown, Mary. Strange Deliverance. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Larry Elmore.
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Young Miles. $22.00.
Hardcover edition of last month's trade paperback. Except for the title/copyright page, rebound trade paperback pages in kind of tacky Golden Book plastic-covered boards. Cover art by Gary Ruddell.
Burke, James Lee. Cadillac Jukebox. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover thriller.
Burke, James Lee. Cimarron Rose. $24.95.
[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] R. A. Salvatore. Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Novelization based on the teleplay by Burt Armus.
Caidin, Martin and Jay Barbree with Susan Wright. Destination Mars in Art, Myth, and Science. $29.95.
Hardcover. Non-fiction.
Campbell, Ramsey. The One Safe Place. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover.
Carpenter, Leonard. see [Conan]
Carter, Angela. Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover.
Christian, Deborah. Kar Kalim. $23.95.
Hardcover fantasy novel. Jacket art by Bruce Jensen.
Christian, Deborah. Mainline. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
[Conan] Leonard Carpenter. Conan the Great. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1989 paperback; second printing. Cover art by Ken W. Kelly.
Cornwell, Bernard. Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur. $24.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 British hardcover. The Warlord Chronicles 2: sequel to The Winter King ($14.95).
Cornwell, Patricia. Unnatural Exposure. $25.95.
Hardcover. A Kay Scarpetta mystery novel.
Datlow, Ellen and Terri Windling, editors. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection. $17.95.
Trade paperback. Cover art by Thomas Canty.
David, Peter. see [Star Trek: The New Frontier]
Davies, Robertson. The Merry Heart: Reflections on Reading, Writing. and the World of Book. $27.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 Canadian hardcover collection.
Day, Dianne. The Bohemian Murders. $21.95.
Hardcover. A third Fremont Jones historical (early 20th Cenutry California) mystery novel.
Dobyns, Stephen. The Church of Dead Girls. $23.00.
Hardcover reprint 1997 Canadian hardcover thriller.
[Dr. Who] Andy Lane and Justin Richards, editors. Decalog 4: Re: Generations. $5.95.
Paperback continuation of the series without the Doctor. Ten related stories by Orman, Parkin, Lane and others.
Drake, David. Lord of the Isles. $25.95.
Hardcover heroic fantasy novel. Jacket art by Kevin Murphy.
Drake, David. The Tank Lords. $6.99.
Paperback collection, reprinting the novel Rolling Hot (1989), two stories from Hammer's Slammers (1987), and one previously uncollected, adding one new story, an appendix and afterword original to this volume, all placed in chronological story sequence for the first time. Cover art by Larry Elmore.
[Spider-man] Diane Duane. Spider-man: The Octopus Agenda. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Illustrations by Darick Robertson & Jeff Albrecht. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company package.
Due, Tananarive. My Soul to Keep. $24.00.
Duncan, Dave. Present Tense. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Great Game 2: sequel to Past Imperative ($5.99). Cover art by Matt Stawicki.
Duncan, Dave. Future Indefinite. $23.00.
Hardcover. The Great Game 3. Jacket art by Matt Stawicki.
Dunn, J. R. Days of Cain. $13.00.
Trade paperback.
Dunnett, Dorothy. Pawn in Frankincense. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1969 British hardcover. Lymond Chronicles 4.
Highly recommended by Dave.
'Elliott, Kate'. see Melanie Rawn
Etheridge, Rutledge. Agent of Chaos. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Agent of Destruction ($5.99).
[Fangoria] Anthony Timpone, editor. Fangoria Masters of the Dark. $5.99.
Paperback. Interviews and intimate conversations with Stephen King and Clive Barker.
[Feynman, Richard P.] John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin. Richard Feynman: A Life in Science. $24.95.
Hardcover. Biography.
Frazer, Margaret. The Prioress' Tale. $5.99.
Paperback. A seventh Sister Frevisse historical (1439 England) mystery novel.
Freeling, Nicholas. A Dwarf Kingdom. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover. A Henri Castang mystery novel.
Gash, Jonathan. The Possessions of a Lady. $5.95.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A Lovejoy mystery novel.
George, Elizabeth. Deception on His Mind. $24.95.
Hardcover mystery novel.
Goodkind, Terry. Blood of the Fold. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Sword of Truth 3: sequel to Wizard's First Rule ($6.99) and Stone of Tears ($6.99). Wraparound cover art by Kevin Murphy.
Gordon, Dan and Zaki Gordon. Davin. $14.95.
Hardcover fantasy novel. Jacket art by Jody May.
Green, Simon R. Twilight of Empire. $6.99.
Paperback. omnibus reprint Mistworld (1992), Ghostworld (1993) and Hellworld (1993). Cover art by Don Maitz.
[Asimov, Isaac] Martin H. Greenberg, editor. Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov. $9.99.
Trade paperback revised and expanded reprint 1989 hardcover original anthology, with stories by Anderson, Card, Clement, Effinger, Harrison, Malzberg, Pohl, Resnick, Silverberg, Turtledove, Willis and others. Preface by Bradbury. New to this edition is a section of eulogies, mostly from Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and Locus.
Greenberg, Martin H. see also Lawrence Schimel
Gribbin, John. see [Richard P. Feynman]
Grimson, Todd. Brand New Cherry Flavor. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover thriller.
Guiness, Alec. My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor. $23.95.
Hardcover reprint 1996 British hardcover. Preface by John le Carré.
Guthridge, George. see Janet Berliner
Guttenberg, Elyse. Daughter of the Shaman. $5.99.
Paperback. Historical (95 B.C. Alaska) novel.
Haldeman, Joe. The Forever War. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1975 hardcover; sixth printing; third edition, text restored and corrected.
Hall, Melissa Mia, editor. Wild Women. $25.00.
Hardcover anthology, with stories by Atwood, Bryant, Cadigan, 'Lieber', Oates, Taylor (Lucy), Wilhelm, Willis and others.
Halperin, James L. The Truth Machine: A Speculative Novel. $6.99.
Paperback slightly revised reprint 1996 hardcover.
Hambly, Barbara. The Time of the Dark. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1982 paperback; 19th printing. The Darwath Trilogy 1. New cover art by Donato Giancola.
Hambly, Barbara. The Walls of the Air. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1983 paperback; 15th printing. The Darwath Trilogy 2. New cover art by Donato Giancola.
Hambly, Barbara. The Armies of Daylight. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1983 paperback; 16th printing. The Darwath Trilogy 3. New cover art by Donato Giancola.
Hambly, Barbara. Mother of Winter. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A fourth Darwath novel. Cover art by Donato Giancola.
Hamilton, Peter F. The Reality Dysfunction 2: Expansion. $5.99.
Paperback reprint second half 1996 British hardcover. First part, which must be read before this one, available: The Reality Dysfunction 1: Emergence ($5.99). Cover art by Jim Burns.
"Some of the best modern space opera I've read. Highly recommended."--Dave
Harris, Deborah Turner. The City of Exile. $6.50.
Paperback. A third Caledonia novel, following Caledon of the Mists ($5.50) and The Queen of Ashes ($5.99). Cover art by Daniel Horne .
Hartmann, William K. Mars Underground. $24.95.
Hardcover sf novel.
Herbert, James. '48. $22.00.
Hardcover, Nightmare Novel of Biological Armageddon.
Hickman, Tracy. see Margaret Weis
[Highlander] Rebecca Neason. The Path. $5.99.
Paperback. Highlander 5.
Hogan, James P. Endgame Enigma. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1987 paperback; new publisher. Cover art by Doug Chaffee.
Holt, John R. Wolf Moon. $5.99.
Paperback werewolf novel.
Howe, James. Nighty-Nightmare. $4.50.
Digest paperback reprint 1987 hardcover; second paperback edition. Illustrations by Leslie Morrill.
[Independence Day] Stephen Molstad. Independence Day: Silent Zone. $22.00.
Hardcover. Created by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich.
Indiana, Gary. Resentment: A Comedy. $22.95.
Hardcover black comic thriller.
Jance, J. A. Dead to Rights. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The fourth Joanna Brady mystery novel.
Jance, J. A. Skeleton Canyon. $23.00.
Hardcover. The fifth Joanna Brady mystery novel.
Jennings, Gary. Aztec. $7.99.
Paperback reprint 1980 hardcover; second paperback edition.
Jennings, Gary. Aztec Autumn. $24.95.
Hardcover historical, set a generation after Aztec ($7.99).
King, Stephen. Desperation. $7.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Koontz, Dean. Intensity. $7.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover; second printing. New tv tie-in cover.
Lane, Andy. see [Dr. Who]
Le Guin, Ursula K. and Diana Bellessi. The Twins, The Dream/Las Gemelas, El Sueno. $8.95.
Trade paperback. Bilingual edition of poetry by one poet in one language and translated by the other poet in the other language. One poem by Ursula K. Le Guin is original to this volume.
Lee, Tanith. Red Unicorn. $20.95.
Hardcover sequel to Black Unicorn ($3.99) and Gold Unicorn ($5.99). A Byron Preiss Visual Publications package. Jacket art by Mark Zug.
Lethem, Jonathan. The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover collection.
Lindskold, Jane. see Roger Zelazny
[The Lost World: Jurassic Park] Jody Duncan. The Making of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. $18.00.
Trade paperback.
Lovecraft, H. P. The Annotated H. P. Lovecraft. $12.95.
Trade paperback. Annotations and introduction by S. T. Joshi.
Lovecraft, H. P. The Loved Dead and Other Revisions. $4.95.
Paperback reprint second half of The Horror in the Museum (1970), a collection of Lovecraft's revisions of other people's work for publication. The first half is available as The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions ($4.95).
Lustbader, Eric. Dark Homecoming. $23.00.
Hardcover thriller.
MacDonald, John D. The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1969 paperback; third paperback edition. The tenth Travis McGee mystery novel.
MacLeod, Charlotte. Exit the Milkman. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A Peter Shandy mystery. Cover art by Matt Hess.
Maron, Margaret. Killer Market. $22.00.
Hardcover. A fifth Deborah Knott mystery novel. Jacket art by Dan Craig.
Martin, Judith. Miss Manners' Basic Training: Eating. $15.00.
Hardcover, companion to Communication ($15.00).
Martine Barnes, Adrienne. see Marion Zimmer Bradley
May, Julian. Magnificat. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Galactic Milieu 3: conclusion to trilogy begun with Jack the Bodiless ($5.99) and Diamond Mask ($5.99). Cover art by Mark Harrison
McAuley, Paul J. Fairyland. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
McDowell, Ian. Merlin's Gift. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Mordred's Curse ($5.99). Cover art by Lars Hokanson.
Monfredo, Miriam Grace and Sharan Newman, editors. Crime Through Time: Original Tales of Historical Mystery. $6.99.
Paperback original anthology, with stories by DiChario, Hoch, King (Laurie), Lovesey, Marston, Newman, Paul, Perry, Saylor and others.
Moore, Christopher. Island of the Sequined Love Nun. $23.00.
Muller, Marcia. Both Ends of Time. $23.00.
Hardcover. A new Sharon McCone mystery.
Newman, Sharan. see Miriam Grace Monfredo
Niles, Douglas. War of Three Waters. $14.00.
Trade paperback. Watershed 3: sequel to A Breach in the Watershed ($5.99) and Darkenheight ($6.99). Cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.
Oates, Joyce Carol. First Love. $9.00.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Illustrations by Barry Moser are muddily reproduced.
Pardoe, Blaine Lee. see [Battletech]
Peters, Elizabeth. Seeing a Large Cat. $24.00.
Hardcover. A ninth Amelia Peabody Egyptian mystery.
Preuss, Paul. Secret Passages. $24.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Thomas Canty. Signed copies available.
Pronzini, Bill. Illusions. $23.00.
Hardcover. A twenty-fourth Nameless Detective novel.
Pullman, Philip. The Subtle Knife. $20.00.
Hardcover. His Dark Materials 2: sequel to The Golden Compass ($5.99). Jacket art by Eric Rothmann.
Randisi, Robert J., editor. First Cases 2: First Appearances of Classic Amateur Detectives. $5.99.
Paperback anthology reprinting stories by Block, Brett, Cross, Douglas, Hess, Hoch, Maron, McCrumb, Nevins and others.
Rawn, Melanie, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliott. The Golden Key. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Michael Whelan.
[RE/Search]. RE/Search 10: Incredibly Strange Films. $17.99.
Trade paperback. 12th printing, new publisher (V/Search).
Resnick, Mike. The Widowmaker Reborn. $5.99.
Paperback sequel to The Widowmaker ($5.99). Cover art by Donato Giancola.
Richards, Justin. see [Dr. Who]
Rinehart, Mary Roberts. The Great Mistake. $5.50.
Paperback reprint 1940 hardcover classic mystery novel.
Roberson, Jennifer. see Melanie Rawn
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. see [Star Wars]
Salvatore, R. A. see [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Schimel, Lawrence and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. The Fortune Teller. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology, with stories by Constantine, Crowther, Edghill, Garland, Gorman, Huff, Langford, Springer, Stablef ord and others.
Shepard, Mark. see [Bard's Tale]
Sherman, Josepha. see [Star Trek]
Shwartz, Susan. see [Star Trek]
Silverberg, Robert. Starborne. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
Somtow, S. P. Vanitas. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. Sequel to Vampire Junction ($5.99) and Valentine ($5.99). Cover art by Joe DiVito.
[Star Trek] Thomas Richards. The Meaning of Star Trek. $19.95.
[Star Trek] Richard Hanley. The Metaphysics of Star Trek. $18.00.
[Star Trek] Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz. Star Trek: Vulcan's Forge. $23.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Keith Birdsong.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Legends of the Ferengi. $12.00.
Digest paperback.
[Star Trek: The New Frontier] Peter David. The Two-Front War. $3.99.
Paperback. Star Trek: The New Frontier 3.
[Star Trek: The New Frontier] Peter David. End Game. $3.99.
Paperback. Star Trek: The New Frontier 4.
[Star Wars] Kristine Kathryn Rusch, compiler. Star Wars: Diplomatic Corps Entrance Exam. $12.00.
Trade paperback.
[Star Wars] John Whitman. Ghost of the Jedi. $4.99.
Digest paperback. Galaxy of Fear 5.
Straub, Peter. The Hellfire Club. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
[Tolkien, J. R. R.]. The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck & Card Game. $15.00.
Development by Terry Donaldson, artwork by Peter Pracownik, game by Mike Fitzgerald. A standard tarot deck with 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.
[V/Search]. Zines! Vol.2. $14.99.
Trade paperback. Companion to Zines! Vol.1 ($18.99).
Vitola, Denise. Opalite Moon. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Quantum Moon ($5.99). Cover art by Neal McPheeters.
Wang Xuanming. Chinese Tales of the Supernatural 2. $9.95.
Digest paperback graphic story adaptations, translated by Wu Jingyu. Also available Chinese Tales of the Supernatural 1 ($9.95).
Warner, Penny. Dead Body Language. $5.50.
Paperback. A Connor Westphal mystery novel.
Weber, David. In Enemy Hands. $22.00.
Hardcover. Honor Harrington 7. Jacket art by David Mattingly.
Weir, Alison. The Children of Henry VIII. $14.00.
Reprint 1996 British hardcover non-fiction (as Children of England).
Weis, Margaret and David Baldwin, editors. The Testament of the Dragon. $22.00.
Hardcover. 'The Illustrated Novel': actually an original anthology with stories by Grubb (Jeff), King (J. Robert) and Pack (Janet) set in a world created by Margaret Weis. Illustrations by Steve Lieber and Rags Morales. A BIG Entertainment, Inc. package.
Weis, Margaret and Tracy Hickman. Legacy of the Darksword. $23.95.
Hardcover. Wraparound jacket art by Larry Elmore. Darksword 4: a conclusion to the original trilogy: Forging the Darksword ($6.50), Doom of the Darksword ($6.50) and Triumph of the Darksword ($6.50).
Wieners, Brad, editor. Burning Man. $27.95.
Hardcover. Photographs of the annual Burning Man event. Includes an essay by Bruce Sterling.
Wieners, Brad and David Pescovitz. Reality Check. $16.95.
Trade paperback. Year by year predictions of technological breakthroughs from Wired. Foreword by Bruce Sterling.
Windling, Terri. The Wood Wife. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Susan Seddon Boulet.
Windling, Terri. see Ellen Datlow
Wolfe, Gene. Exodus from the Long Sun. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Book of the Long Sun 4: completes the sequence begun in Nightside the Long Sun ($4.99), Lake of the Long Sun ($5.99) and Calde of the Long Sun ($6.99). Cover art by Richard Bober.
Wolfe, Gene. The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1980 paperback collection.
Wood, N. Lee. Looking for the Mahdi. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
"No one in this book has nay scruples whatsoever, including the hero! I love it!"--Mike
Woodman, Richard. An Eye of the Fleet. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1981 British hardcover; second American paperback edition. The first Nathaniel Drinkwater naval (1780s Americas) novel.
[X-Files] Jane Goldman. The X-Files Book of the Unexplained Volume One. $18.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
[X-Files] Eric Elfman. Our Town. $4.50.
Paperback. X-Files 4: young adult novelization based on teleplay by Frank Spotnitz.
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. Writ in Blood: A Novel of Saint-Germain. $26.95.
Hardcover. The Count in Europe 1910-11. Jacket by CHOP is elegant, but the type announcing this as a novel of the Count is nea rly invisible
Yep, Laurence. The City of Dragons. $4.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 picture book. Illustrations by Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng.
Yep, Laurence. The Ghost Fox. $2.99.
Digest paperback reprint 1994 hardcover. Illustrations by Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng.
Zelazny, Roger and Jane Lindskold. Donnerjack. $24.00.
"You can tell it's not Zelazny."--Mike
Zubro, Mark Richard. The Truth Can Get You Killed. $21.95.
Hardcover. A fourth Paul Turner mystery novel.

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