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New Books received October 1997

Adams, Scott. Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook. $11.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Adams, Scott. No . . . YOU'D Better Watch Out!. $4.95.
A Dogbert mini-book.
Adamson, Lydia. A Cat Under the Mistletoe. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A thirteenth Alice Nestleton mystery.
Aiken, Joan. The Cockatrice Boys. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Illustrations by Jason Van Hollander.
Alexander, Lloyd. The Fortune Tellers. $5.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1992 hardcover picture book. Cover art and color illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman.
[Anderson, Chester as] 'John Valentine'. Puppies. $12.95.
Paperback reprint 1979 trade paperback.
Anderson, Kevin J. see [Star Wars]; [Star Wars]
Anderson, Poul. Harvest the Fire. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. Sequel to Harvest of Stars ($5.99) and The Stars Are Also Fire ($5.99). Cover art and illustrations by Vincent di Fate.
[Animorphs] K. A. Applegate. The Forgotten. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Animorphs 11. Cover art by David B. Mattingly.
[Anonymous, editor]. The Christmas Cat. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology of fantasy feline Christmas romances by Kurland (Lynn) and others.
[Anonymous, editor]. Christmas Spirits. $5.99.
Paperback. Original anthology of Christmas magical romance stories by Lynn Kurland and others.
Anthony, Piers. Faun & Games. $23.95.
Hardcover. Xanth 21. Afterword by Anthony barely disguises the contempt he has for this work. Wraparound jacket art by Darrell K. Sweet.
Apollonios Rhodios. The Argonautika: The Story of Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Translation from the Greek, Introduction and Glossary by Peter Green.
Asaro, Catherine. The Last Hawk. $25.95.
Hardcover. Third Skolian Empire novel: following Primary Inversion (at last check, out-of-stock indefinitely from the publisher) and Catch the Lightning ($5.99).
Ashley, Mike, editor. The Mammoth Book of Fairy Tales. $10.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 British trade paperback. Reprints fairy tales by Aiken, Andersen, Baum, Bronte (Charlotte), Carroll, Cooper (Louise), de la Mare, Dickens, Dumas, Dunsany, Grimm, Lear, Lee (Tanith), MacDonald, McKinley, Nesbit, Perrault, Salmonson, Schimel, Springer, Stevenson, Stockton, Wilde, Yolen and others. Illustrations by Alicia Austin (! but only one), Ian Miller (also only one), Clive Sandall and David Wyatt.
Asimov, Janet. Norby and the Terrified Taxi. $15.95.
Hardcover. Norby 11: first of this kids' robot series without the Good Doctor.
Atwood, Margaret. Alias Grace. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 Canadian hardcover.
Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid's Tale. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1985 Canadian hardcover.
"Always worth reading, rereading, or giving as a gift. How can you resist a book where sex is an obligation and Scrabble is a secret late night perversion?"--Debbie
[Babylon 5] David Bassom. Creating Babylon 5. $18.00.
Trade paperback.
Banks, Lynne Reid. Melusine: A Mystery. $4.50.
Paperback reprint 1988 hardcover young adult supernatural.
Bantock, Nick. The Forgetting Room: A Fiction. $22.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art and illustrations by the author.
Base, Graeme. Animalia: [Tenth] Anniversary Edition. $29.95.
Hardcover reprint 1986 Australian hardcover picture book puzzle alphabet.
Baxter, Stephen. Titan. $23.00.
Baxter, Stephen. Voyage. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Beagle, Peter S. The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and Other Odd Acquaintances. $14.00.
Trade paperback collection stories and essays, two of each original to this volume. Introduction by Patricia A. McKillip.
Benford, Gregory, presenter [Martin H. Greenberg, editor]. The New Hugo Winners Volume IV. $6.99.
Paperback anthology reprinting the short fiction winners from 1992 (Landis, Asimov and Kress), 1993 (Willis, Kagan and Shepard) and 1994 (Willis, Sheffield and Turtledove). Introductions by Benford; copyright held by Greenberg. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
[Bloch, Robert] Richard Matheson and Ricia Mainhardt, editors. Robert Bloch: Appreciations of the Master. $18.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover collection of Bloch's stories, interlaced with introductions and eulogies by Blatty, Bradbury, Campbell, Cave, Clarke, Ellison, Farmer, Gaiman, King, Lansdale, Lee (Christopher), Lumley, Matheson, Nolan, Norton, Pohl, Schow, Schwartz, Straub, Tenn, Wilson (Gahan) and others.
Bonanno, Margaret Wander. Preternatural. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Bond, Michael. More About Paddington. $15.00.
Hardcover revised (Dave is digging around for his old copy to find out just what has been changed) reprint 1959 hardcover. Illustrations by Peggy Fortnum.
Boulet, Susan Seddon. see [calendar]
Bradbury, Ray. Dogs Think That Every Day is Christmas. $9.95.
Hardcover poem. Jacket art and paintings by Louise Reinoehl Max.
Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1953 hardcover, drops two stories and illustrations, adds 1982 Afterword and 1979 Coda.
Bradbury, Ray. The Golden Apples of the Sun and Other Stories. $10.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 paperback omnibus (then as Classic Stories 1), collecting all but three stories from The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953; copyright page acknowledges only the 1964 Bantam paperback) and all but one story from R is for Rocket (1962; copyright page acknowledges only the 1965 Bantam paperback). Cover art by Tim O'Brien.
"Bradbury in his prime. One does wonder a) what title his new publisher will give to the reprint of Classic Stories 2 and b) why this was not reissued in hardcover as earlier reprints from his new publisher have been. Nonetheless, highly recommended if you don't have either of the original overlapping collections."--Dave
Breathed, Berkeley. Red Ranger Came Calling. $6.95.
Trade paperback 1994 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by the author.
Bright, Susie, editor. The Best American Erotica 1997. $12.00.
Trade paperback anthology reprinting stories by Burka, Christian, Kilpatrick, Roche, Taylor and others.
Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer. $5.99.
Paperback. Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries 12: historical (Victorian England) mystery novel.
Brooks, Mel and Carl Reiner. The 2,000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000: The Book. $20.00.
Brown, Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown. Murder, She Meowed. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A fifth Mrs. Murphy feline mystery novel. Cover art by Jack Unruh, illustrations by Wendy Wray.
[Buffy, the Vampire Slayer] Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder. Halloween Rain. $3.99.
Paperback. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer 2.
Burke, James. The Pinball Effect: How Renaissance Water Gardens Made the Carburetor Possible--and Other Journeys Through Knowledge. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover non-fiction.
Burke, James Lee. The Lost Get-Back Boogie. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1978 hardcover.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Tarzan Triumphant/Tarzan and the City of Gold. $6.99.
Paperback omnibus reprint 1932 and 1933 hardcovers. Tarzan 15/16. Latter is given copyright and renewal by Frank A. Munsey Co, but the original serialization in Munsey's Argosy pulp carried an Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. copyright.
Burton, Tim. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. $20.00.
Hardcover. Poetry and illustions by Burton.
[Burton, Tim] Mark Salisbury, editor. Burton on Burton. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover. Foreword by Johnny Depp.
Byatt, A. S. The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye: Five Fairy Stories. $20.00.
Hardcover reprint 1994 British hardcover collection, two stories reprinted from Possession ($13.00).
Byatt, A. S. and Ignes Sodre. Imagining Characters: Six Conversations About Women Writers. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover. Coversations about Austen, Bronte (Charlotte), Eliot, Cather, Murdoch and Morrison.
Byrne, John. see [Wonder Woman]
Cacek, P. D. Leavings. $5.99.
Paperback dark fantasy collection. Foreword by Ed Bryant.
Carolle, Lisa. The Secrets of Yashir. $5.99.
Canadian paperback, copyright 1994, published 1995.
[Chan, Jackie] Jeff Rovin and Kathy Tracy. The Essential Jackie Chan Sourcebook. $16.00.
Trade paperback non-fiction.
Chapman, Graham. Graham Crackers: Fuzzy Memories, Sillybits, and Outright Lies. $14.99.
Hardcover. Compiled by Jim Yoakum. Foreword by John Cleese, Backward by Eric Idle, Sideways by Terry Jones.
Clark, Mary Higgins, presenter. The Plot Thickens. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology of mystery stories featuring 'a thick fog, a thick book, and thick steak' by Block, Evanovich, Mosley, Pickard, Westlake and others. Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Literacy Partners, a not-for-profit ogranization that teaches reading through local and national programs.
Collins, Nancy A. A Dozen Black Roses. $11.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Sonja Blue in the World of Darkness Cover art by Tim Bradstreet
[Conan] Sean A. Moore. Conan and the Grim Grey God. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Cover art by by Daniel A. Horne, not Doug Beckman as given on copyright page.
Coville, Bruce. The Skull of Truth. $17.00.
Hardcover. Magic Shop 3: sequel to Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Catcher ($3.99) and Jennifer Murdley's Toad ($3.99). Jacket art and illustrations by Gary A. Lippincott.
Crichton, Michael. Airframe. $7.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover air thriller.
Crichton, Michael. Michael Crichton's Jurassic World. $14.95.
Hardcover omnibus reprint Jurassic Park (1990) and The Lost World (1995).
Crumey, Andrew. Pfitz: A Novel. $20.00.
Hardcover reprint 1995 British hardcover.
[Dahl, Roald] Josie Fison and Felicity Dahl, compilers. Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. $6.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 British hardcover. Cover art and illustrations by Quentin Blake.
Dakron, Ron. Hammers. $22.95.
Hardcover. Novel about sentient mutant sharks.
Dale, Rodney, editor. Cats in Books: A Celebration of Cat Illustrations Through the Ages. $16.95.
Hardcover. From the Lindisfarne Gospels to Garfield.
de la Mare, Walter. The Return. $7.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1922 hardcover revision 1910 hardcover classic horror short novel. Introduction by S. T. Joshi.
De Lillo, Don. Underworld. $27.50.
DeCandido, Keith R. A. see Josepha Sherman
DeWeese, Gene. see [Ravenloft]
Diaman, N. A. Private Nation. $10.95.
Trade paperback.
Di Fate, Vincent. Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art. $45.00.
"Gorgeous survey of science fiction artists arranged alphabetically. Biographical information mixed with well-reproduced examples of their work. Highly recommended!"--Dave
Di Filippo, Paul. Ciphers: A Post-Shannon Rock-n-Roll Mystery. $16.95.
Trade paperback. 'Composed partially by sampling, splicing, channeling and reverse transcript'.
Dietz, William C. McCade's Bounty. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1990 paperback; second printing, new cover. The fourth Sam McCade space adventure.
Disch, Tom. A Child's Garden of Grammar. $9.95.
Trade paperback. Cartoons by Dave Morice.
[Doctor Who] Paul Cornell, editor. Licence Denied: Rumblings from the Doctor Who Underground. $7.95.
British digest paperback anthology of Doctor Who fanzine articles.
[Not Dr. Who] Paul Leonard and Jim Mortimore, editors. Decalog 5: Wonders. $6.95.
British paperback original anthology, with stories by Baxter, Cavelos, Marley (Stephen), Miles, Mortimore, Watson and others.
Doohan, James and S. M. Stirling. The Rising. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Flight Engineer 1. Cover art by David Mattingly. A Bill Fawcett and Associates package.
Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat with an Emerald Eye. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A sixth Midnight Louie mystery novel.
Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Golden Garland. $23.95.
Hardcover. An eighth Midnight Louie feline mystery novel.
Dozois, Gardner, editor. Dying for It: More Erotic Tales of Unearthly Love. $13.00.
Trade paperback original and reprint anthology, with stories by Bishop, Cadigan, Friesner, Kress, le Guin, Lee (Tanith), MacLeod, McDonald, Reed, Silverberg and others.
Dozois, Gardner, editor. Modern Classics of Fantasy. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1997 hardcover.
[Dragonlance] Douglas Niles. Fistandantinlus Reborn. $5.99.
Paperback. Lost Legends 2. Cover art by Todd Lockwood; illustration by Jeff Easley.
[Dragonlance] Roland Green. The Wayward Knights. $5.99.
Paperback. The Warriors 7. Cover art by Tood Lockwood.
Drake, David. Patriots. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Tristan Elwell.
Dreyfuss, Richard and Harry Turtledove. The Two Georges. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover alternate history.
Duane, Diane. see [X-Men]
Eddings, David and Leigh Eddings. Polgara the Sorceress. $25.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to Belgarath the Sorcerer ($6.99). Jacket art by Keith Parkinson.
Fletcher, Susan. Flight of the Dragon Kyn. $4.50.
Digest paperback reprint 1993 hardcover young adult fantasy. The Dragon Chronicles 2: sequel to Dragon's Milk. Cover art by Rebecca Guay.
[Forever Knight] Susan M. Garrett. Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality. $5.99.
Paperback. Forever Knight [2].
[Forgotten Realms] Paul Kidd. The Council of Blades. $5.99.
Paperback. The Nobles 5. Cover art by Walter Velez.
Foster, Harold R.. see [calendar]
Fouts, Roger with Stephen Tukel Mills. Next of Kin: What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction.
Frazetta, Frank. see [calendar]
Freireich, Valerie J. Impostor. $5.99.
Paperback. A fourth novel of the Polite Harmony of Worlds. Also available: Becoming Human ($4.99) The Beacon($5.99), and Testament($5.99), Cover art by Michael Herring.
Friedman, Michael Jan. see [Star Trek: Voyager]
Froud, Brian. see [calendar]
Fullilove, Eric James. The Stranger. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Peter Gudynas.
Gaarder, Jostein. The Solitaire Mystery. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover translation by Sarah Jane Hails of 1990 Norwegian hardcover. Illustrations by Hilde Kramer.
Gaiman, Neil. The Sandman: The Kindly Ones. $19.95.
Trade paperback. Collects issues 57-69. Cover art by Dave McKean, interior graphic story art by Marc Hempel and divers hands
Garey, Terry. The Joy of Home Winemaking. $12.00.
1996 trade paperback non-fiction by an Other Change of Hobbit alumnus!
"This is pure fun to read even if you have no intention of ever making wine. Watch out for the lizards."--Debbie
Garland, Mark. see [Star Trek Deep Space Nine]
Gear, W. Michael. Starstrike. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1900 paperback; eighth printing.
Gelb, Jeff and Michael Garrett, editors. Hot Blood: Crimes of Passion. $5.99.
Paperback anthology of erotic horror stories, some original by Barr, Hodge, Kihn, Oates, Tem and others, some reprint by Block, Campbell, Lumley and others. The editors' introduction proudly claims that having repackaged the look, this is no longer a series [of which this is the ninth].
Gier, Scott G. Genellan [3]: First Victory. $5.99.
Paperback. Sequel to Planetfall ($5.99) and In the Shadow of the Moon ($5.99). Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Giger, H. R. see [calendar]
Gilman, Dorothy. Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 hardcover. A thirteenth Mrs. Pollifax mystery novel.
Girardi, Robert. Vaporetto 13. $19.95.
Golden, Christopher. see [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer]
Goodkind, Terry. Temple of the Winds. $26.95.
Hardcover. The Sword of Truth 4. Jacket art by Keith Parkinson.
Gordon, Karen Elizabeth. Torn Wings and Faux Pas: A Flashbook of Style, a Beastly Guide Through the Writer's Labyrinth. $23.00.
Hardcover. Kind of a sequel to The Deluxe Transitive Vampire ($22.00). Illustrations by Rikki Ducornet.
"As hilarious as the first volume. Poking a very sharp fork at some of the grammatical mishaps of the English language, this is a must for aspiring and working writers!"--Dave
[Gorey, Edward as] 'Ogdred Weary'. The Curious Sofa. $9.00.
Hardcover reprint 1961 hardcover.
Gorey, Edward. The Glorious Nosebleed: A Book of Postcards. $9.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1974 hardcover. Gorey's 'Fifth Alphabet' as a set of postcards.
Gorey, Edward. see also [calendar]
Gorman, Ed. see Martin H. Greenberg
Goulart, Ron. see [William Shatner]
[Grafton, Sue] Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Carol McGinnis Kay. "G" is for Grafton: The World of Kinsey Millhone. $25.00.
Hardcover non-fiction biography and critical study. Includes a chronology of the Millhone stories and a secondary bibliography.
Grant, Charles. see Wendy Webb
Grant, Richard. In the Land of Winter. $24.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Mary Grandpré.
Green, Roland. see [Dragonlance]
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Dragons: The Greatest Stories. $7.98.
Hardcover reprint anthology with stories by Benford, Bradbury, Card, de Camp, Dickson, Drake, Foster, Friesner, Laidlaw, Le Guin, McCaffrey, Reichert, Vinge (Joan D.), Wyndham, and Zelanzy. Jacket art by Don Maitz.
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Haunted Houses: The Greatest Stories. $7.98.
Hardcover reprint anthology Aickman, Bloch, Bowen (Elizabeth), Bryant, Cave, Chalker, Gilman (Charlotte Perkins), Grant, Lovecraft, Nolan, Oates, Reaves, Rendell, Slesar, St. Clair, and Stoker. Jacket art by J. K. Potter.
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Vampires: The Greatest Stories. $8.98.
Hardcover reprint anthology with stories by Bloch, Dick, Drake, Lee, Lustbader, Matheson, McCammon, Ransom, Simmons, Somtow, Stableford, Wagner, Williams Yolen, and Zelazny. Jacket art by J. K. Potter.
Greenberg, Martin H., editor. Wizard Fantastic. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology with stories by DeChancie, Hoffman, Huff, Lindskold, McKiernan, Norton, Paxson, Reichert, Rusch, Sherman (Josepha), Smith (Dean Wesley and Sherwood), Yolen & Stemple and others.
Greenberg, Martin H., Ed Gorman and Larry Segriff, editors. Cat Crimes for the Holidays. $24.95.
Hardcover original anthology, with stories by Breen, Chizmar, Crowther, Douglas, Lutz, Masterton, Paul, Pickard, Williamson (J. N.) and others.
Greenberg, Martin H. see also Gregory Benford; Lawrence Schimel
Grundy, Stephan. Attila's Treasure. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 trade paperback. Cover art by John Jude Palencar.
Haining, Peter, editor. The Wizards of Odd: Comic Tales of Fantasy. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover anthology, with reprints of stories by Adams, Aldiss, Asimov, Bloch, Bradbury, Bretnor, Brown, Cabell, Clarke, Collier, Davidson, Dick, Donaldson, Kuttner, Le Guin, Leiber, Lewis, Niven, Pratchett, Russell. Vonnegut and others. Front cover claims 'First Time in Print!' Acknowledgements claim appearance of illustrations from Unknown magazine which do not appear to have made the transatlantic transition from hardcover to paperback.
Hall, Robert Lee. London Blood: Further Adventures of the American A. $21.95.
Hardcover. A sixth Benjamin Franklin historical mystery novel.
Hamilton, Peter F. A Quantum Murder. $24.95.
Hardcover reprint 1994 British hardcover. Greg Mandel 2: sequel to Mindstar Rising ($6.99). Jacket art by Barclay Shaw.
Hamilton, Virginia. A Ring of Tricksters: Animal Tales from America: the West Indies, and A. $19.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art and watercolors by Barry Moser.
Haney, Lauren. The Right Hand of Amon: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt. $5.99.
Paperback. Historical (18th Dynasty Egypt) mystery novel.
Harper, Tara K. Wolf's Bane. $5.99.
Paperback. Tales of the Wolves 5. Cover art by Eric Peterson.
Harris, Deborah Turner. see Katherine Kurtz
[Harris, Joel Chandler] Van Dyke Parks and Malcolm Jones. Jump Again! More Adventures of Brer Rabbit. $7.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1987 hardcover picture book. Cover art and water color illustrations by Barry Moser.
[Hawking, Stephen] David Filkin. Stephen Hawking's Universe: The Cosmos Explained. $30.00.
Hardcover. The Authorized Companion to the Television Series. Foreword by Hawking.
Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1959 hardcover; twenty-firstst printing. New movie tie-in cover.
[Henson, Jim] Matt Bacon. No Strings Attached: The Inside Story of Jim Henson's Creature Shop. $35.00.
Hess, Joan. A Holly, Jolly Murder. $22.95.
Hardcover. A twelfth Claire Malloy mystery novel.
Hiaasen, Carl. Lucky You. $24.00.
Hickox, Rebecca. Per and the Dala Horse. $5.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Yvonne Gilbert.
[Highlander] Donna Lettow. Zealot. $5.99.
Paperback. Highlander 6.
Hilson, Phoenix. Wizard's War. $5.99.
Canadian paperback.
Hoffman, Alice. Fireflies. $14.95.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art and paintings by Wayne McLoughlin.
Holbrook, Florence. The Book of Nature Myths for Children. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1902 hardcover. Cover art by N. C. Wyeth; illustrations by E. Boyd Smith.
Holder, Nancy. see [Buffy, the Vampire Slayer]
Holdstock, Robert. Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn. $24.95.
Hardcover. A new Mythago Wood novel. Jacket art by Ron Walotsky.
Holland, Cecelia. Railroad Schemes. $23.95.
Hardcover. Historical (1850s California) novel.
Holtzer. Susan. Black Diamond. $21.95.
Hardcover. An Anneke Haagen and Zoe Kaplan mystery novel.
Homer. The Odyssey. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
[The Horror Writers Association] Mort Castle, editor. Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association. $17.99.
Hardcover. Essays by Ellison, Holder, Kilpatrick, King, Lansdale, Morrell, Oates, Williamson (J. N.) and others.
Jackson, Shirley. Life Among the Savages. $11.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1953 hardcover autobiography.
"Absolutely the best tales of family life ever exaggerated by a world-class author."--Debbie
Jacobs, Harvey. American Goliath. $24.95.
Hardcover. Inspired by the True, Incredible Events Surrounding the Mysterious Marvel Known to an Astonished World as The Cardiff Giant.
Jacques, Brian. Redwall: [Tenth] Anniversary Edition. $22.95.
Hardcover reprint 1986 British hardcover. New color plates by Troy Howell.
Jillette, Penn and Teller. Penn & Teller's How to Play in Traffic. $18.95.
Trade paperback.
Jeter, K. W. Blade Runner [3]: Replicant Night. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Sequel to Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human ($5.99); note that this volume carries no numbering. Cover art by Stephen Youll.
Jones, Terry. Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic. $20.00.
Hardcover. Based on CD-Rom based on digression in Life, The Universe and Everything
Jordan, Robert. The Wheel of Time boxed set 2. $21.97.
Boxed set of the second three volumes in paperback: The Shadow Rising ($6.99), The Fires of Heaven ($6.99) and Lord of Chaos ($7.99).
Jordan, Robert and Teresa Patterson. The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. $39.95.
Hardcover. A Bill Fawcett & Assoc package. New illustrations by Todd Cameron Hamilton. Maps by John M. Ford and Tom Canty. Large double-page reproductions of the original Darrell K. Sweet wraparound jacket art, without type or blurbs.
Joyce, William. The World of William Joyce Scrapbook. $16.95.
Hardcover. What's he's done, how he did it, what he's gonna do. Photographs by Philip Gould.
Juno, Andrea, editor. Dangerous Drawings: Interviews with Comix & Graphix Artists. $24.95.
Trade paperback. Interviews with Brown (Chester), Clowes, Doucet, Noomin, Spiegelman, and others.
Kihn, Greg. Shade of Pale. $21.95.
Kimbriel, Katharine Eliska. Kindred Rites. $5.99.
Paperback. A Novel of Elemental Magic.
[King, Stephen] Robert W. Bly. The Ultimate Unauthorized Stephen King Trivia Challenge. $14.00.
Trade paperback.
Kliban, B. see [calendar]
[Kubrick, Stanley] John Baxter. Stanley Kubrick: A Biography. $13.95.
Trade paperback. Not to be confused with the Vincent LoBrutto biography of the same title from last year.
[Koontz, Dean] Katherine Ramsland. Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography. $24.00.
Kosko, Bart. Nanotime: A Novel. $24.00.
Hardcover cyberthriller.
Kotzwinkle, William. The Bear Went Over the Mountain. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Cover art by Peter de Seve. A 1997 World Fantasy Award nominee.
Kurtz, Katherine and Deborah Turner Harris. Death of an Adept. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Adept 5: following The Adept ($5.99), The Lodge of the Lynx ($5.99), The Templar Treasure ($5.50), and Dagger Magic ($5.99).
Kress, Nancy. Dancing on Air. $10.00.
Trade paperback 1993 novelette. Afterword James Patrick Kelly. One of 500 copies.
La Fontaine, Jean de. The Fables of La Fontaine. $30.00.
Hardcover translation by Elizu Wright, Jr. of 1995 French hardcover. Collects 43 tales and their corresponding gouaches by Marc Chagall from 1927-28 (all that have been traced of the original 100).
Lansdale, Joe R. A Fist Full of Stories (and Articles). $25.00.
Hardcover collection.
Lindgren, Astrid. The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. $25.00.
Hardcover omnibus reprint Pippi Longstocking (1950), Pippi Goes On Board (1957) and Pipi in the South Seas (1959). Jacket art and illustrations by Michael Chessworth.
"No child should be without them -- and neither should you."--Debbie
Llywelyn, Morgan. Brian Boru: Emperor of the Irish. $4.99.
Paperback reprint 1990 Irish hardcover young adult historical novel. Cover art and illustrations by Ciruelo Cabral (here uncredited).
Lumley, Brian. Titus Crow Volume Three: In the Moons of Borea & Elysia. $24.95.
Hardcover omnibus reprint 1979 paperback and 1989 hardcover. Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Macaulay, David. Rome Antics. $18.00.
Hardcover picture book.
Mainhardt, Ricia. see [Robert Bloch]
Marano, Lydia C. see [Shelby Woo]
Marley, Louise. Receive the Gift. $5.99.
Paperback sequel to Sing the Warmth ($5.50) and Sing the Light ($5.99). Cover art by Bob Eggleton.
[Marvel Comics] Eric Fein and Pierce Askegren. Wreckage. $6.50.
Paperback. Doom's Day 3: a Spider-Man/Fantastic Four team-up, following Rampage ($5.99; by Fingeroth and Fine) and Sabotage ($5.99; by Askegreth and Fingeroth). Cover art by Vince Evans; illustrations by Steven Butler. A Byron Preiss Multimedia Company package.
Matheson, Richard. I Am Legend. $12.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 paperback collection. 1954 novel plus ten stories.
Matheson, Richard. see also [Robert Bloch]
[McCaffrey, Anne] [Frank Curtis, editor?]. Anne McCaffrey's The Unicorn Girl: An Illustrated Novel. $22.00.
Hardcover. As with the prior 'Asimov' and Weis volumes packaged by BIG Entertainment, this is also not a novel, but rather an original anthology with stories by Nye, Ranieri and Reichert. Unliked the other two, no editor is given credit, but a sideways acknowledgement on the copyright page may indicate Curtis' role. Jacket art by John Ennis; illustrations by John Ridgeway.
McCarthy, Helen. The Anime Movie Guide: Movie-by-Movie Guide to Japanese Animation. $17.95.
Trade paperback. Covers anime released between 1983-1995.
McCay, Windsor. The Best of Little Nemo in Slumberland. $45.00.
Hardcover. Introduction by Marschall. Divided into five sections gorgeously reproducing McCay's unmatched Nemo Sunday color pages, each section opening with Appreciations by Goulart, Jones(Chuck), Schulz, Sendak, Spiegelman (in strip format), and Watterson (not in strip format).
McDonnell, Patrick. Cats and Dogs: Mutts II. $9.95.
Trade paperback collection of daily and Sunday strips (the latter reproduced in greys).
McReynolds, Glenna. The Chalice and the Blade. $16.00.
Hardcover. Historical Celtic fantasy novel. Jacket art by Ciruelo Cabral.
Meddick, Jim. Primary Crullers: A Robotman Book. $9.95.
Trade paperback collection of daily and Sunday strips..
Merla, Patrick, editor. Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Includes Bram, Delany, Nava, White and others.
Miller, Walter M., Jr. [and Terry Bisson]. Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman. $23.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to A Canticle for Leibowitz ($11.95).Jacket art by Matt Zumbo.
Moorcock, Michael. Eternal Champion 5: Elric: Song of the Black Sword. $14.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover omnibus collecting Elric of Melnibone (1976), The Fortress of the Pearl (1989), The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (1976), The Weird of White Wolf (1977; here dropping the Prologue, 'The Dream of Earl Aubec'). Cover art and illustrations by Kent Williams.
Moore, Sean A. see [Conan]
Morson, Ian. Falconer and the Face of God. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 British hardcover. A third William Falconer historical (13th Century Oxford) mystery.
Morson, Ian. A Psalm for Falconer. $21.95.
Hardcover. William Falconer 4: historical (15th Century Lancashire) mystery novel.
[Mortal Kombat] Jerome Preisler. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. $5.99.
Paperback novelization of screenplay by Brent V. Friedman & Bryce Zabel, based on story by Lawrence Kasanoff, Jerome Wexler & John Tobias.
Mosley, Walter. Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. $23.00.
Hardcover. A first Socrates Fortlow mystery.
Mosley, Walter. Devil in a Blue Dress. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 hardcover. The first Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
Mosley, Walter. A Red Death. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover. The second Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
Mosley, Walter. White Butterfly. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1992 hardcover. The third Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
Mosley, Walter. Black Betty. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 hardcover. The fourth Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
Mosley, Walter. A Little Yellow Dog. $14.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The fifth Easy Rawlins mystery novel.
"Mosley's mystery stories open the black underground of L. A. in the 1940s and 50s to a new scrutiny. Highly recommended."--Debbie
Muller, Marcia and Bill Pronzini, editors. Detective Duos: The Best Adventures of Twenty-Five Crime-Solving Twosom. $30.00.
Hardcover anthology, reprinting stories by Allingham, Brown, Christie, Doyle, Freeman, Hoch, Lockrdge, Palmer & Rice, Poe, Sayers, Stout, Wodehouse and others, with one original story by Julie Smith.
Murakami, Haruki. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. $25.95.
Hardcover. Translation by Alfred Birnbaum of three 1994-1995 Japanese books.
[Myst] Rand Miller with David Wingrove. Myst: The Book of Ti'ana. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Also available Myst: The Book of Atrus ($5.99). Illustrations by Tom Bowman.
[Myst] Rand Miller with David Wingrove. Myst: The Book of D'Ni. $23.95.
Hardcover. A third novel based on the CD-ROM, following Myst: The Book of Atrus ($5.99) and Myst: The Book of Ti'ana ($6.99). Illustrations by Tom Bowman.
[Mystery Scene]. Mystery's Most Wanted: The Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 16/25 1996 trade paperback (as The Year's 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories Fifth Annual Edition), with stories by Block, Collins (Max Allan), Douglas, Gorman, Hess, Lovesey, McCrumb, Muller, Paretsky, Perry, Pickard, Pronzini and others.
Nance, John J. Medusa's Child. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1997 air thriller.
Nasaw, Jonathan. Shadows: A Novel of Erotic Suspense. $24.95.
Newman, Sharan. The Chessboard Queen: A Story of Guinevere. $13.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1983 hardcover (copyright page includes a 1997 renewal; but we don't know if it's been revised).
Niles, Douglas. see [Dragonlance]
Norfolk, Lawrence. The Pope's Rhinoceros. $15.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Norman, Howard. The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese and Other Tales of the Far North. $22.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art and illustrations by Leo & Diane Dillon.
[Outer Limits] John Peel. The Time Shifter. $3.99.
Digest paperback. The Outer Limits 3. Young adult novel.
O'Brian, Patrick. Joseph Banks: A Life. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1987 British hardcover non-fiction.
O'Leary, Patrick. The Gift. $22.95.
Hardcover fantasy novel. Wraparound jacket art by Thomas Canty.
Parrish, Maxfield. see [calendar]
Parker, Robert B. see Otto Penzler
Paul, Jim. Medieval in LA. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Paxton, Tom. The Story of Santa Claus. $5.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Michael Dooling.
Penzler, Otto and Robert B. Parker, editors. The Best American Mystery Stories 1997. $13.00.
Trade paperback anthology. First of a projected annual series, under general series editorship of Penzler. Includes stories by Crumley, George, Oates, Steele and others. Introduction by Parker.
Penzler, Otto and Robert B. Parker, editors. The Best American Mystery Stories 1997. $25.00.
Hardcover, received a couple of weeks later than the trade paperback.
Perry, Anne. The Silent Cry. $24.95.
Hardcover. The eighth Inspector William Monk historical (Victorian London) mystery novel.
Peters, Ellis. The Raven in the Foregate. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1986 British hardcover. The twelfth Brother Cadfael historical (12th Century Shrewsbury) mystery novel.
Peters, Ellis. The Rose Rent. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1986 British hardcover. The thirteenth Brother Cadfael historical (12th Century Shrewsbury) mystery novel.
Pike, Christopher. Night of the Vampire. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Spooksville 19:
Pinkwater, Daniel. Five Novels. $10.95.
Trade paperback omnibus reprinting the novels Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars (1979), Slaves of Spiegel (1982), The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death (1982), The Last Guru (1978), Young Adult Novel (1982). Foreword by Jules Feiffer.
Pinkwater, Daniel. The Magic Goose. $3.50.
Digest paperback. Cover art and illustrations by Jill Pinkwater.
Poe, Robert. The Black Cat. $23.95.
Pohl, Frederik. The Siege of Eternity. $22.95.
Hardcover. Sequel to The Other End of Time ($6.99). Jacket art by John Harris.
Potter, Beatrix. The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter. $35.00.
Hardcover revised reprint 1989 hardcover, adding 4 previously unpublished tales to the original 23. Illustrations newly rescanned for this edition.
Powers, Tim. Earthquake Weather. $24.95.
Hardcover, Jacket art by Michael Koelsch.
Pratchett, Terry. Maskerade. $22.00.
Hardcover reprint 1995 British hardcover. Discworld 20. Harper has apparently skipped Hogfather.
Prelutsky, Jack, selector. The Beauty of the Beast: Poems from the Animal Kingdom. $25.00.
Hardcover picture book. Includes animal poems by Flanders, Hoban, Kerouac, Nash, Ryder, Yolen and many others. Jacket and interior watercolors by Meilo So.
Price, Leontyne. Aida. $7.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Leo and Diane Dillon.
Priest, Christopher. The Prestige. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 British hardcover. Winner 1996 World Fantasy Award.
"Lots of good writing and intriguing ideas leading -- eventually -- nowhere. Sigh."--Debbie
[Quantum Leap] Melanie Kent. Heat Wave. $5.99.
Paperback. Quantum Leap 15.
Queen, Carol and Lawrence Schimel, editors. Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality. $14.95.
Trade paperback Essays by Allison, Antoniou, Califia and others. Preface by Bornstein.
Quick, W. T. see [William Shatner]
Ramsland, Katherine. see [Dean Koontz]
[Ravenloft] Gene DeWeese. Lord of the Necropolis. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by Fred Fields.
[Red Dwarf] Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons. Red Dwarf Programme Guide: Second Revised Edition. $6.95.
Paperback revised reprint 1993 paperback.
Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. see [Star Trek: The Next Generation]
Reichert, Mickey Zucker. Prince of Demons. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. The Renshai Chronicles 2: sequel to Beyond Ragnarok ($5.99). Wraparound cover art by Jody A. Lee.
Reiner, Carl. see Mel Brooks
Resnick, Mike. Birthright: The Book of Man. $14.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1982 paperback. New Foreword by Raymond E. Feist. Afterword by Resnick includes a Chronology of his many works set in the Birthright universe.
Rice, Anne. Violin: A Novel. $25.95.
Hardcover. An historical romance with ghost and no vampires.
Rice, Anne. see also [audio]; [calendar]
Rohmann, Eric. The Cinder-Eyed Cats. $17.00.
Hardcover picture book. Cover art and paintings by the author.
Rohmann, Eric. Time Flies. $6.99.
Trade paperback reprint 1994 hardcover picture book. Cover art and paintings by the author.
Russo, Richard Paul. Carlucci's Heart. $6.50.
Paperback. Sequel to Carlucci's Edge ($5.99). Cover art by Victor Stabin.
Russo, John A. Night of the Living Dead. $5.99.
Canadian paperback, copyright 1995, published 1997. Preface by George Romero.
Saberhagan, Fred. Seance for a Vampire. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1994 hardcover. Watson and Dracula in pursuit of a kidnapped Holmes.
Salvatore, R. A. Dragon King. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Crimson Shadow 3: Sword of Bedwyr ($5.99),Luthien's Gamble ($5.99). Cover art by Ciruelo Cabral.
San Souci, Robert D. Young Arthur. $15.95.
Hardcover picture book. Cover art and paintings by Jamichael Henterly.
Sargent, Pamela. see [Star Trek]
Schenk, Martin. A Small Dark Place. $23.00.
Hardcover gothic thriller.
Schimel, Lawrence and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. Blood Lines: Vampire Stories from New England. $12.95.
Trade paperback anthology, in The American Vampire Series, with stories by Cave, Friesner, Lovecraft, Rusch, Wellman, Wilkins-Freeman, Yarbro and others.
Schimel, Lawrence and Martin H. Greenberg, editors. Southern Blood: Vampire Stories from the American South. $12.95.
Trade paperback, in The American Vampire Series, with stories by Chappell, Friesner, Hodge, Sherman (Delia), Shwartz, Simmons, Tenn, Wellman and others.
Schimel, Lawrence. see also Carol Queen
[Schwa] The Schwa Corporation. Schwa A Sightings Journal. $9.95.
Trade paperback. Would you believe it's a blank book? Well, ok, not quite.
[Schwa] The Schwa Corporation. Schwa World Operations Manual. $14.95.
Trade paperback. If you have to ask . . .
Scott, Melissa. Night Sky Mine. $14.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
"Not one of Scott's groundbreaking works, but a good entertaining action adventure. Recommended."--Debbie
Segriff, Larry. see Martin H. Greenberg
[Shadow Warrior] Ryan Hughes. You Only Die Twice. $5.99.
Paperback. Shadow Warrior 2: based on the CD-ROM game from 3D Realms.
[Shadowrun] Jak Koke. The Dragon Heart Saga 2: Clockwork Asylum. $5.99.
Paperback. Shadowrun [28]: sequel to Stranger Souls ($5.99). Cover art by Doug Anderson.
[Shatner, William] W. T. Quick. Quest for Tomorrow 2: In Alien Hands. $23.00.
Hardcover. Sequel to Delta Search (). Jacket art by Jim Burns.
[Shatner, William] Ron Goulart. Tek Net. $22.95.
Hardcover. Ninth, and apparently last, of the series. Jacket art by Donato Giancola.
[Shelby Woo] Lydia C. Marano and David Cody Weiss. Rock 'n' Roll Robbery. $3.99.
Digest paperback. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo 4: young adult novelization based on the Nikolodeon series. Lydia is the founder of another offshoot of the original Change of Hobbit, Dangerous Visions.
Sherman, Josepha and Keith R. A. DeCandido, editors. Urban Nightmares. $5.99.
Paperback original anthology, with stories by bes Shahar, Castro, Garland, Gorman, Guon, Nye, Paul, Resnick (Laura and Mike with different co-authors), Rusch, Sawyer, Schimel, Sherman (Josepha), Shwartz, Somtow, Stirling, Watt-Evans and others. Cover art by David Mattingly.
Silverberg, Robert, editor. Great Adventures in Archaeology. $16.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1964 hardcover non-fiction.
Sleator, William. The Beasties. $15.99.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Wendy Feldheim.
Smith, L. J. Black Dawn. $3.99.
Paperback. Night World 8: young adult vampire novel.
Somtow, S. P. Jasmine Nights. $10.00.
British paperback reprint 1994 hardcover.
[Star Trek] Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The Art of Star Trek. $25.00.
Trade paperback. Reprint 1995 hardcover.
[Star Wars] Brian Daley. Han Solo's Revenge. $5.99.
Paperback reprint 1979 paperback; ninth printing, new Classic Star Wars package.
Spruill, Steven G. see F. Paul Wilson
[Star Trek] Lawrence M. Krauss. Beyond Star Trek: Physics from Alien Invasions to the End of Time. $21.00.
Hardcover. Follow-up to The Physics of Star Trek ($10.00).
[Star Trek] Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski. Heart of the Sun. $5.99.
Paperback. Star Trek 83.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation]. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Postcards. $8.00.
Postcard book. Includes thirty postcards celebrating the tenth anniversary, mostly from the movies.
[Star Trek: The Next Generation] Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The Continuing Mission: A Tenth Anniversary Tribute. $35.00.
Hardcover. Introduction by Rick Berman. Afterword by Robert Justman.
[Star Trek Deep Space Nine] Mark Garland. Trial by Error. $5.99.
Paperback. Star Trek Deep Space Nine 21.
[Star Trek: Voyager] Michael Jan Friedman. Star Trek: Voyager: Day of Honor: The Television Episode. $5.99.
Paperback. Novelization based on teleplay by Jeri Taylor.
[Star Wars] Kevin J. Anderson. The Illustrated Star Wars Universe. $17.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1995 hardcover art book. Cover and interior art by Ralph McQuarrie.
[Star Wars] [Dark Horse] Kevin J. Anderson. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith. $16.95.
Trade paperback. Graphic novel, collecting issues 0-5 of the Dark Horse series. Cover art by Duncan Fegredo. Pencils by Chris Gossett and Dario Carrasco, Jr.; inks by divers hands.
[Star Wars] Bill Smith. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology. $18.00.
Trade paperback. Illustrations by David Nakabayashi; schematics by Troy Vigil.
[Star Wars] Timothy Zahn. Specter of the Past. $23.95.
Hardcover. The Hand of Thrawn 1: first of two books. Jacket art by Drew Struzan.
Steadman, Ralph. The Book of Jones: A Tribute to a Mercurial, Manic, and Utterly Seducti. $17.00.
Hardcover reprint 1995 British hardcover. sketchbook tribute to Hunter S. Thompson's cat.
Steadman, Ralph. Still Life with Bottle: Whisky According to Ralph Steadman. $32.00.
Hardcover reprint 1994 British hardcover.
Sterling, Bruce. Holy Fire. $6.50.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. A 1997 Hugo nominee. Cover art by Eric Dinyer.
Stirling, S. M. see James Doohan
Stoker, Bram. Eyewitness Classics: Dracula. $14.95.
Hardcover. Abridged for younger readers by Jo Fletcher-Watson, presented with hypertextual art, photographs and text. Illustrations by Tudor Humphries.
Swanwick, Michael. The Postmodern Archipelago: Two Essays on Science Fiction and Fantasy. $7.50.
Chapbook. Collects two essays (1986 and 1994) from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, new intro by Swanwick.
Tarr, Judith. Avaryan Rising. $19.95.
Trade paperback omnibus reprint The Hall of the Mountain King (1986), The Lady of Han-Gilen (1987) and A Fall of Princes (1988). A couple of scraps from Robert Gould's gorgeous original covers remain in the current package.
Thomson, Peg and Saeko Usukawa, compilers and annotators. Hard-Boiled: Great Lines from Classic Noir Films. $14.95.
Trade paperback. Some of the quotes from their The Little Black & White Book of Film Noir ($4.95), there grouped by theme, here grouped by film in alphabetical title order and here presented with many stills and posters from the original films. Introduction by Lee Server.
Thornton, Lawrence. Tales from the Blue Archives. $22.95.
Hardcover. Concludes magic realist trilogy begun in Imagining Argentina and Naming the Spirits.
Updike, John. Toward the End of Time. $25.00.
Hardcover near-future (2020) novel.
Vachss, Andrew. False Allegations. $12.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Vallejo, Boris. see [calendar]
Verne, Jules. Michael Strogoff. $25.00.
Hardcover reprint translation (unidentified) of 1897 French hardcover. Jacket art and color plates by N. C. Wyeth from 1927, newly rephotographed for this edition.
Verne, Jules. Paris in the Twentieth Century. $11.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover translation by Richard Howard of 1994 French hardcover.
[VideoHound] Didier C. Deutsch, editor. VideoHound's Soundtracks: Music from the Movies, Broadway and Televisio. $24.95.
Huge trade paperback: 1024pp. Includes sampler CD, Son of Hollywood Records Goes Hollywood.
Vonnegut, Kurt. Hocus Pocus. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1990 hardcover.
Vonnegut, Kurt. Timequake. $23.95.
Wahl, Jan And Chris Sheban. I Met a Dinosaur. $18.00.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art and illustrations by Sheban.
Walker, Lars. Erling's Word. $5.99.
Paperback. Historical fantasy (?) novel about the advent of Christianity among the Vikings. Cover art by Larry Elmore.
[Warner Bros.] Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald. Warner Bros. Animation Art: The Art, The Creators, The Limited Editions. $60.00.
"Mostly it appears to be a promotional catalogue for the 'Limited Edition' replica animation cels produced for the collector's market. Very little meat in this book for real animation fans."--Dave
Webb, Wendy and Charles Grant, editors. Gothic Ghosts. $23.95.
Hardcover original anthology with stories by Cacek, Costello, Friesner, Hautala, Holder, Palmer, Ptacek, Roche, Salmonson, Stableford, Stickland, Taylor (Lucy), Vardeman and others.
Wells, Catherine. Mother Grimm. $5.99.
Paperback. Cover art by John Pierre Pargete.
Westall, Robert. Demons and Shadows: The Ghostly Best Stories of Robert Westall. $6.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1993 hardcover collection, one story original to this volume.
[Westlake, Donald E. as] 'Richard Stark'. Comeback. $18.00.
Hardcover. A seventeenth Parker crime novel, the first in 23 years.
"As usual a fast-paced, fast read of a caper gone astray. Another Parker has been announced for next year."--Dave
Wharton, Edith. The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton. $11.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1973 hardcover. Illustrations by Laszlo Kubinyi.
[White Wolf Game Studio]. Aeon. $30.00.
Spiral-bound game book. Includes story by George Alec Effinger.
Wiater, Stanley. Dark Thoughts on Writing: Advice and Commentary from Fifty Masters of Fear and Suspense. $13.00.
Trade paperback. Mostly quotes from previously published interview collections, with Barker, Bloch, Bradbury, Campbell, Carpenter, Collins (Nancy A.), Costello, Craven, Cronenberg, Etchison, Farris, Gaiman, Gorman, Grant, King, Koontz, Lansdale, Leiber, Matheson (both Richard and Richard Christian), McCammon, Moore (Alan), Nolan, Rice, Romero, Saul, Schow, Straub, Strieber, Tessier, Williamson (Chet and J. N.), Wilson (F. Paul and Gahan) and others. Includes A Reader's Guide to Writing Horror, lists of recommended horror novels and anthologies.
Wilson, F. Paul and Matthew J. Costello. Mirage: A Medical Thriller. $6.99.
Paperback reprint 1996 hardcover.
Wilson, F. Paul and [Steven G. Spruill as] 'Steve Lyon'. Nightkill. $23.95.
Hardcover medical thriller.
Wingrove, David. see [Myst]
[Wishbone] Michael Jan Friedman. The Mutt in the Iron Muzzle. $3.99.
Digest paperback. The Adventures of Wishbone 5. Illustrations by Arvis Stewart.
[Wishbone] Brad Strickland and Thomas F. Fuller. The Treasure of Skeleton Reef. $3.99.
Digest paperback. Wishbone Mysteries 1. Illustrations by Lyle Miller.
Wolf, Leonard, editor. Blood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction. $25.00.
Hardcover anthology, reprinting works by Allen (Woody), Beaumont, Brown, Bryant, Charnas, Cheever, Derleth, Ewers, King, Lee, Leiber, Matheson, Moore, Oates, Rice, Strieber, Yarbro, Zelazny and others. Jacket art by Gary A. Lippincott; decorations by Max Douglas. A Byron Preiss Visual Publications package.
Wolverton, Dave, editor. L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XIII. $6.99.
Paperback original anthology. Essays by Berliner, Gorman, Hubbard, and Lindahn (Ron). Cover art by Frazetta, a portion of the full painting from the 1970 Science Fiction Book Club edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Fighting Man of Mars.
[Wonder Woman] John Byrne. Wonder Woman: Gods and Goddesses. $20.00.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Joe DeVito.
Woolley, Persia. How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction. $17.99.
Hardcover non-fiction.
[World of Darkness] Gherbod Fleming. The Devil's Advocate. $5.99.
Paperback. Blood Curse Trilogy 1: World of Darkness: Vampire: The Masquerade. Parallels The Grails Covenant Trilogy.
[World of Darkness] Stewart Wieck and Anna Branscome, editor. The Essential World of Darkness. $15.99.
Trade paperback original anthology collecting graphic novel by Weinberg & Rein-Hagen and novels by Ciencin, Friesner, Goingback and Wilson (David Niall).
Wrede, Patricia C. Shadows Over Lyra. $11.99.
Trade paperback omnibus reprint Shadow Magic (1982), Daughter of Witches (1983) and The Harp of Imach Thyssel (1985). New essay detailing the history of Lyra. Cover art by Yvonne Gilbert.
"These are lots of fun, light reading at its best. Recommended."--Debbie
Wurts, Janny. Fugitive Prince. $24.00.
Hardcover. Alliance of Light 1. Wraparound jacket art by Wurts.
[X-Files] 'Everett Owens'. Control. $4.50.
Paperback. X-Files 7: young adult novelization of teleplay by Vince Gilligan, 'pseudonym for a well-known children's book author.'
[X-Men] Diane Duane. X-Men: Empire's End. $23.95.
Hardcover. Jacket art by Duane O. Myers; illustrations by Ron Lim and Bob McLeod.
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. Mansions of Darkness. $15.95.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover. Saint-Germain in 17th Century Peru.
[Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn and Bill Fawcett as] 'Quinn Fawcett'. Against the Brotherhood. $23.95.
Hardcover. Mycroft Holmes 1. Authorized by Dame Jean Conan Doyle.
Yep, Laurence. Ribbons. $5.95.
Paperback reprint 1992 hardcover non-fantasy young adult novel.
Yolen, Jane. Child of Faerie, Child of Earth. $15.95.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art and illustrations by Jane Dyer.
Yolen, Jane. Nocturne. $15.00.
Hardcover picture book. Jacket art and illustrations by Anne Hunter.
Yolen, Jane. Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast. $17.00.
Hardcover collection, two stories original to this book. Jacket art by August Hall.
Yolen, Jane. Wings. $6.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1991 hardcover picture book. Cover art and illustrations by Dennis Nolan.
Zahn, Timothy. see [Star Wars]
Zebrowski, George. see [Star Trek]
Zubrin, Robert with Richard Wagner. The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must. $13.00.
Trade paperback reprint 1996 hardcover non-fiction.

Audio and video received October 1997

[audio] Caleb Carr. The Angel of Darkness. $25.00.
Abridged reading by Boyd Gaines. Approximately four-and-a-half hours on four cassettes.
[cd] Annwn. Come Away to the Hills. $10.00.
[cd] Annwn. The Lovers Enchanted. $10.00.
[audio] Anne Rice. Violin: A Novel. $24.00.
Abridged reading by Maria Tucci. Approx four hours on four cassettes.
[cd] Somtow Sucharitkul. Kaki. $16.98.
Ballet in two acts, performed by Somtow Sucharitkul and the Sun Valley Virtual Symphony Orchestra.
[video] Nick Park. Wallace & Gromit. $26.99.
Boxed set of 3: A Grand Day Out (1989), The Wrong Trousers (1993) and A Close Shave (1995).

Calendars received October 1997

Please note that 1998 calendars are no longer in stock, and are listed here solely as a record of what we've had.
[calendar] Jesse Allen. Under African Skies: The Art of Jesse Allen 1998. $11.95.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. The Animal Realm: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet: 1998 Calendar. $6.95.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. Goddesses: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet: 1998 Calendar. $16.95.
[calendar] Susan Seddon Boulet. Mysteries: The Paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet: 1997 Calendar. $13.95.
[calendar] Harold R. Foster. Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur: 1998 Calendar. $10.95.
[calendar] Frank Frazetta. Frank Frazetta 1998 Calendar. $10.99.
[calendar] Brian Froud. Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Calendar 1998. $10.95.
[calendar] H. R. Giger. The H. R. Giger 1998 Calendar of the Fantastique. $14.95.
[calendar] Edward Gorey. The Gashlycrumb Tinies: 1998 Deluxe Engagement Book. $16.95.
Hardcover reprint 1963 hardcover. Originally with the subtitle 'or, After the Outing'. One of Gorey's many illustrated alphabets, now with clever engagement calendar trappings.
[calendar] B. Kliban. Catcalendar 1998. $12.95.
[calendar] [Morpheus]. Morpheus International 1998 Calendar: Fantastic Art. $12.95.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish: A 16-Month 1998 Calendar [Avalanche]. $11.99.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish 1998 [Pocket] Calendar [Pomegranate]. $6.95.
[calendar] Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish: Italian Villas and their Gardens: 1998 Calendar. $6.95.
[calendar] [Pomegranate]. Fairies 1998 Pocket Calendar. $6.95.
[calendar] [Pomegranate]. Fairies 1998 Calendar. $11.95.
[calendar] Anne Rice. The Anne Rice Calendar for 1998. $12.00.
Wall. Photo by Joyce Ravid, accompanied by short essays by Rice.
[calendar] Boris Vallejo. Boris Vallejo 1998 Fantasy Calendar. $9.95.
Wall. Commentary by Philip José Farmer.

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